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Hello from Norway.
My name is Steffan and i'm currently writing a rap song to my god daughters Confirmation. I'm not very good at this and i could really need some help. I have unsuccsesfully been trying to split up a song i found on soundcloud: . What I need is 2 raw files. 1 with a beat i can use during my acctual singing prox 1 min long, and 1 with the riped chorus (starting at 1.18 ending at 1.39. ish. (Starting with ella. Ending with Elle 'la) My goddaughters name is of course Ella.
I was hoping to use the beat in the beginning of the remix or the one at the end. Both of them are cool.
My plan is after a short intro beat to start rap and end each vers with "and her name is:" where the chorus kicks in.
What i dont get the hang on is that in the song it's a natural build up to the chorus. When i try to make 2 different files i can't match the tempo or beat to get a natural transition from beat to chorus.
I have tried downloading different programs but i have no clue on how to use them or how to make the 2 files needed for my recording. I'll manage to record if i can get the two seperate files
To be clear, this is only for fun and personal use. Just a hopefully cool thing she will remember.
The Confirmation is at May 12 so i'm starting to run out of time.
If you or anyone you know could help me it would be much appreciated.

My e-mail adress is

Best regards Steffan aka Lil S Dog ;-)
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Not sure if this is doable at all. Maybe an intro file, followed by a rap beat, a chorus and a end beat put togheter from scratch would be better. But again. No clue on how to do that. My simple plan to copy past using this remix turns out to be a bit more difficult than i thought :cool:


If you @Steriophan have an IPhone, etc. you can try Voice Recorder Pro App
Have Huawei. Downloaded it now. This is all greek to me though. I'm a total noob to this. Never made a beat before. Downloaded the FL Studio to try to get what i needed but no clue on how to use it


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I will help u.
How many sick bars u doing per verse bruh? how many verse u want?
Is it ok with:

Intro - 16 Bar Verse - 8 Bar Chorus - 16 Bar Verse - Chorus x 2 - fade out with mad shoutouts to shawty wit da birthday
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Wow man. Your awsome. This is really cool. My rap is going to be in Norwegian and it's kinda a fun thing. i can post the lyrics so you can get an idea:

I'm going to do a recording next weekend at a friend of mine. I will then get a master with the voice onlly. He has a homestudio but he is an classical guitarist and knows nothing about this sort


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I updated the track with the right song format. Transposed the chorus in the middle also. Lemme know if it sounds ok and i can send you the file on mail. Remember to refresh the page before u try to listen so it updates to new version.
And maybe a loop of tthe beat in the beginning without the background voice that begins and ends with the same bmp as the chorus