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You've been a long time active member here for quite some time.I have a two part question for you.

What are some common mistakes made by the members here or the site as a whole? (ie: Thinking mass mailing A&Rs demo CD will get them in the door.)and positive movements you've seen made by the members here or the site as a whole? (ie:the release of the illmuzik CD)

Do you know what sponsors look for in websites they advertise with, other then hits?

Well, that's an interesting general question. I'll answer your two part question in two parts. If I am being brutally honest in some places, then I'm sorry, but that's the way I see it. Great, my disclaimer is aside.

I think the positive movements come from learning more about gear and how to use it. You can get help for technical problems and audio production problems from some great people (I, of course, used to answer these forms of questions.) Positive discussion also helps, especially a place where people can make songs with people half way around the world. That's amazing. Also, there are a lot of people that don't want to get signed and just do it for the joy of music (so to speak.)

The most common problem I see is people getting involved too quickly in the business aspect of music. Many of the people on the site aren't ready to take on the real responsibilities of running a real record label, or dealing with the problems of the biz. There are few very good businessmen, but everyone thinks they're capable because they see P. Diddy play one on TV. You really have to pay your dues, and even then, you might not get picked up or succeed.

As for advertising. Have more real members sign up so there seems to be a legitimate amount of members in the community, rather than fake sign-ups done by admin (not saying you guys do that, but it can be found out) and also the amount of time people spend on a site are key factors.

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