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Recently released my 4th beat tape and its up on Spotify and other streaming avenues. I will say that over time, I can definitely see my progression in terms of my production. Sitting back and listening to my first official project from 9 years ago now, fast forward to today, 15 projects in, 2 executively produced albums in and 2 placements... I can honestly see the growth and maturity over the last 10 years of my sound. I have been apart of the IllMuzik community now for quite some time, and the use of the branches they give in terms of competitions weekly and others, it definitely helps to pave a new light to your creativity! So all in all, this is a shout out to all of the creatives on this site! Keep grinding! Always remember to stay humble, and in the end, everything will pan out the way you always imagined!

Terrence "Esquire" Huggins

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