Is hip-hop bad for black America?

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I can't see any of it being that detrimental to be honest. People have to realise the most powerful thing you can do is to know who you are and be yourself. Wear it as a badge of honour! Of course we all take influence from others but the important thing to do is take the ideas and things you like and flip them in your own way. I think it was KRS One that said something along the lines of 'I want to hear your Hip Hop…' The more people learn to be comfortable with themselves, the more opportunity they'll have and the less they'll feel they have to fit into stereotypes in order to get noticed.
Besides the above article is talking more about the more commercial acts around whose aim is to hit the middle market. Artists don't need to aim at the middle market anymore. There's plenty of good artists out there and they don't have to try and appease the pop tart charts to make a sustainable living.

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“The way that music changed, it shows how our society also changed,” she points out. “It’s also because it’s made to look easy. Back in the day, when you were listening to it, you’d be like, ‘Can’t nobody rap like that!’ But now everybody feels like they can put a record out. I think it’s cheapened us in a way. It’s made us very nonchalant about what’s going on in our society.”

This lady makes a good point as far as dumbing down the art form. By making it look easy there is a wider acceptance to more crap. Hip Hop powers that be filter in the easy popcorn rappers and society, mainly youth, are going to like it because it is what is in front of them making it the trend, the popular artist. We adults on this site can say we grew up with what we would call "that real hip hop" or "the golden era" and much is true about that, and now today we have the same beats on every rappers song talking about the same shit and its just washed out....

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