J. Cole's new single Middle Child samples from Tracklib

Hey guys, been reading here for a while but haven't posted yet.
Big fan of J. Cole and I've heard of Tracklib (service for crate-digging and licensing original tracks with pre-cleared licenses, so basically sampling affordably and legally I guess) quite a few times but haven't used it myself.
Seems like a fresh breath of air to the sampling-game.. And being able to sample separate stems like Cole seems hella usable.
What you think? Anyone used Tracklib before?


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I haven't used it but it looks good, although I've always seen it as another sound pack, so to speak. If you're using a royalty-free sound pack then it's sort of the same thing, but with Tracklib it's more industry-oriented in the sense that everything is covered for you for sure.
Yea I know what you mean, although I think it's a bit different sampling original works with history, than like soundpacks (don't have to be one or the other tho, like you say). But I mean depends on how you view the stuff in their catalog, I find parts of it interesting now but hopefully the catalog will grow substantially in the near future


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One of the issues I always had with sound packs and now with something like Tracklib is that everyone has access to the same samples. That's okay because it's how you flip it, but I've always been the type to find something I haven't heard before and try to use that.
Yea I'm with you I think I'm pretty much the same, but that's one of the reasons I'm hoping they'll grow cuz then they'll probs get a lot more into their catalogue to the point that it's real unlikely you and someone else choses the same one. I mean in a year I'm guessing they're gonna have like 200 000 full length songs (with then like more than a million stem tracks) so I mean that's a big wooden box you're sharing

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I've bought some stuff from Tracklib back when it first came out and had a decent discount for bulk purchases.

I don't go there often as my usual sample library is already plentiful, but I love how you can just grab individual channels from a song and get them as you wish without having to try and EQ the samples out when there's too much stuff going on and clashing.

They've got some sick drums, so if your break (or even just one-shot) game is lacking, definitely check out the drum section, but beware, since a lot (if not all) of the tracks from the G.E.D. Soul label have the bass section mixed together with drums.
Just seems like a good way to limit your exposure to dope samples. Personally I would just avoid it. If you want to avoid getting sued then just up your digging game and find obscure artists. Highly doubt that Cole even uses this that much. Wouldn't be surprised if they just paid him to promote the service. Finding good records to sample is one thing and then actually finding the right sounds from those records is another. Nobody is going to just hand you dope samples because they are too valuable. YOU have to find them yourself.

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