James Ingram - "I Believe In Love"


Space Diggin..
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Dope sample you have right here...

@Cayenne That was flip dope. I actually went that route at first but it sounds funky (in a bad way) so I switched it up. I like the constant used of the vocals

My Akai MPD218 finally came so used that to made the beat. Still not used to it yet.... I wanted to add a baseline to my flip but I decided not to this time.


Back to the Grind...
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@Cayenne and @Klypse I wish I knew what to look for to chop samples like you guys... I'm always looking for something minimal so I can add other instruments to the sample... being able to piece together those chops is something I'm not accustomed to, I don't even really know what to listen for lol... Different strokes for different folks i guess. Here's what I came up with:

@Klypse, the chops u chose are great, i like ur drums, i will be glad if u could add a bass line to really spice it up..so far so good..
+1 for a bassline... I think it would've really helped fill out some sonic space in the mix

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