Lothar Grimm - "Caravan"


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@C4NTK33P5T1LL Nice chill track. I liked your drums especially your hat game. The change up kinda shifts the mood but in a nice way. Overall the beat has nice sounds. If i was to change smth on this, I guess I would add some bass one shots every now and then, but its not like I greatly miss the absence of it.

@Dez-NYCe Dope flip mate. I think I fell in love with that intro. It definitely sets the mood for whats about to follow. Dirty ass track straight from the landfill. I also liked your change up near 1:45. Cant say the same about the piano notes at about 1:10 but thats just me. Other than that I loved it. Very nice attempt. Keep up the good work !!!!

..So I was working on the previous sample flip thread with the Sunny track when I realised that I have a psychological issue with exports. Idk if its just me but im having a really hard time with it. Anyway once I never finished my version of Sunny on time, I tried to take this Caravan sample and put it on top of the previous one, so my post here remain relevant. Id LOVE some feedback on whether the mix is clipping, and ofc on anything else might come up on ur mind.



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@C4NTK33P5T1LL Dope filp! Not really into how the change up comes in, but when you transition back to the first part of the beat it sounds nice :up2: I really think I nice thick bassline would really bring this beat to life, just seem like theres something missing in the sonic space

@Dez-NYCe Like what you did with the sample... The way you achieved that dirty unpolished sound is awesome! Not really my "style" beat but I bet this would sound nice with some vocals on top...

@KNTDK Interesting idea using the 2 sample flips... Cool little melody you made outta everything... Although that sound that comes in around 0:31 throws things off a lil for me, I wanted to use that sound in the previous sample flip as well, but I ended up removing it from the final mix...

@Ty_ Yo this is DOPE!! The intro with the pause threw me off a lil... I think I might've gone without those "laser" sounds... or at least had them lower in the mix. but the chops you pulled from the sample are great! Nice to hear a more up beat flip with this sample, seemed like everybody took the smooth mellow route on this one, even myself...

Bare with me, the tempo is super slow... Tried doing something a lil different with this one, and not super happy with the mix. Sample + Live Bass + Live Guitars is where I started... Enjoy


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