Lyric-Recording CEntrance MixerFace R4

Hi guys,
I want to buy a recorder, which allows me to record quick lyric phrases / rhymes, ideas... that I get from time to time. I'm writing my own raps and sometimes I 've got a good idea, if I don't record it, I forget it. Now I found that interesting recorder CEntrance MixerFace R4.

Would you recommend it for such purposes?

Greetz with Beatz


I would say just use your phone. If you don't want to carry extra hardware around and if you aren't trying to record full mixes.


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You can do it like @*D* said, or you get yourself a little mobile recorder. I don't know that one above, but I've bought the TASCAM DR-05 from Thomann and it's for 88€ I guess. I'm also making Pop Songs every here and then and this little recorder helps me a lot with quick recording of ideas of a melody or something. It has a awesome quality and I don't want to miss it again. It's so big like a Toy-Walky-Talky. This is, what I can recommend.
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