MBOX help (do I need a mixing desk or cables?)


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hey fam,

I'm helping a friend of mine with her new production setup and I'm trying to decide what is the best option for her... I'd appreciate some advice because when it comes to cables and connections, my mind stops working :p

okay she has;
1. Music PC (Mac)
2. Yamaha Motif ES6
3. MPC 2000XL
4. Mbox / Pro Tools
5. Reason 2.5

she wants all of her equipment to be incorporated and run together so she could for example use the MPC to trigger samples in Reason and then later on in Pro Tools she can use the Motif to quickly lay down a bassline etc.

now, the Mbox doesn't have MIDI inputs/outputs so I'm thinking she will either need;

1) MIDI to USB cords/hubs like this one;


2) Some type of mixing desk, that has MIDI Ins/Out and then a MIDI to USB cord running from the desk to the PC

the ish is mad confusing for me though, so please fire away with any helpful suggestions you may have!!!



*** ill o.g. ***
Goin4Broke said:
Well that lil hub is cool to use ,and get her a mixer is the mpc loaded with the 8 out card,she'll need prolly like 12 inputs if using 8 outs on the mpc and the motif. make sure you get all balanced cables and this should be it.
thanks mate!

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