Metronome... Use it or not?


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Whenever you guys are playing keys, pounding the pads, etc. Do you use the metronome?

I can never find a good groove when I use the metronome, but whenever I watch beat making videos alot of them are using the metronome.

Most times when I'm starting a beat, I'll create a project at the default 120 bpm (Garageband). Once I've come up with a melody I like (either synth, or sample chops) I'll use a "tap tempo" app to figure out the bpm, then set my project to that... So yea, I never use the metronome, how bout you?


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Yea, how is your stuff in time at all without one? And doesn't doing a tempo change like that change the speed of what you just played?
Internal metronome i guess... Get the ole foot tapping, and the head nodding... Aside from making beats, I also play guitar, mainly acoustic blues stuff. So a lot of the stuff I play is just guitar, no bass or drums to help keep tempo, so once you get a good rhythm/groove locked in, its not that hard to stay in time.

And yes, it does screw with the speed/pitch. Most times ill just save it out as .aiff and then import it back into the project after Ive changed tempo... Or sometimes I'll re-play the sample/melody once the tempo has been changed.

1 thing Garageband also allows meet to do is... If I record a live instrument, like electric guitar, I have the option to have it follow the pitch and tempo of the project, or I can have it remain at its original pitch and tempo no matter what I change the project to... if that makes sense


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Yea, but theres just something about that ticking sound... I can't stand it! lol very distracting to my creativity... There are times where ill program a loop of snares and play along to that, but thats about


Sometimes for laying out certain chops I find that the nome throws me off and I end up working out a groove without it, layer some drums then work on timing.

But otherwise always..


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If you start making your beats by programming drums well then you can just use it for drums and then play other instruments along with the drums, the loop will keep you on time for sure. I usually start with the main instrument/sample or whatever, so yeah I use it till I add my drums, then it goes off.


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I use it most of the time, but... One downside to the over-use of it is the computerized feel of the sounds created. I have had mentoring producers inform me that the over-use of metronome can take away from the natural feel of certain productions. Its always good for certain chords or pad progressions, but in use with drums, unless you are adding a swing feel to your sound, it can take away from the natural feel at times.

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I use the metronome only on count in not while recording it definitely distracts me. I tried using different metronome sounds but it pulls me away ever so slightly. I start with drums first most times high hat and snare to lock everything in place.

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I make my own clicks with different swing, sounds, and use live drum loops to Pocket my feel too. Daws have this, just find them and change it. If you produce a whole track with out any timing reference you will have work to do at the end. But this is coming from a Rebel who hate being on time lol.


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Like some have said, metronome on to record 1st track, typically drums for me. After that, the drums serve as my metronome.


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Ussually set my metronome on and on countdown 2 bars afther that it starts recording hahaha

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