Miles Davis - "Blue in Green"



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some pretty good ones here, though some still haven't given feedback for anybody lol

@2GooD Productions that's a very interesting effect, but that out of tune sound definitely works for this one
@Kung-Fu Flavor thats real clean, is that you scratching or another sample?
@Cayenne Thats a very good pick outta the sample, vocal snippet plays very nice too, real clean
@Kwuarota Took a while for the snare to kick in but definitely like how you keep the drum track busy

Didn't use too many horns, sorry Miles



2GooD Productions

Im back
*** ill o.g. ***
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@Kung-Fu Flavor. I respect the fact that you pulled some usable samples out of it, I could only find one and even then I had to effect it to the point it was unrecognizable, I used it throughout the track to qualify as a flip though hahahaha. Nice flippage anyway, the scratch sample is a nice touch for a bit of variation, I would personally add a bit more variation to the number of scratches though.

@Cayenne. This is a real nice flip, has a great energy to the track. Real nice work.

@Kwuarota. I find the horn really annoying, like im in traffic and the car behind keeps beeping, it just seems like there is too much going on.

@S3oulC1ty. This is another real dope flip, I see you went the piano route. The beat flows nicely and the variation is good. Good work. Ill try to make my sample usage more obvious next time. Depends on the sample, this one just didnt really inspire me.


Space Diggin..
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@2GooD Productions I dig the funky approach you did with the flip.
@Kung-Fu Flavor I like how you did with the scratches. I would never thought of that. Its dope
@Cayenne HA HA I like how you add the vocals with it. Also it goes good with the bass. That was saucey..
@Kwuarota The drums are dope but thats about it. It was too much going on with this flip
@S3oulC1ty You already know my dude...That flip was dope. Nothing bad to say about it

My son broke my midi so I'm in the process of getting a new one. I have to use the laptop keys for now lol.


Back to the Grind...
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Ok... I haven't listened to anyones beats yet... I'll check em out after work tom or over the weekend and leave some feedback. Heres what I came up with...


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I'm not too late, am I? I was flipping this sample months ago, just going through "development hell", per se.


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@Klypse Damn man, being stuck using laptop keys sucks, it kills my creativity, good luck, hope you get that sorted soon. Really like the flip, reminds me of some old Tribe Called Quest.
J dilla used to make beats with a tape recorder, and I made okkomix with laptop keys. Don't doubt the small things. Less is more bro :).


Back to the Grind...
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Ok, just gave em a listen...
@2GooD Productions Not really hearing "the sample," but the beat is dope... Digging the subtle horns in the background
@Kung-Fu Flavor Dope! Simple beat, but I like the way you chopped the piano, and the horn sample sounds nice too... Just need someone to spit some rhymes over this!!
@Cayenne Hadn't seen you flippin samples lately, so welcome back! I would've liked to hear more of a break down without the horns... Horn sample just got a lil repetitive after a while.
@Kwuarota Very Creative... Wondering what this would sound like slowed down, with a simple drum track... Hmm...
@S3oulC1ty I definitely like the slower tempo... The keys you added on top sound nice too. On some of your beats, I sometimes think you play around with the sample too much, but this is nice and smooth... Bassline is dope as usual... Those keys gave me that slow laid back vibe too! ;)
@Klypse Diggin the 2 different parts you've got going on... Really liking the part with the lil horn run, sounds nice.

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