MPC 1000 issue


~Mo Thugs~
Question for the hive mind. Ok, so I started this beat a few minutes ago from scratch. On this program, I have my drums loaded on Bank A, and the samples of the loops I played and recorded from my keyboard on Bank B.

So the 2 samples were 8 bar loops I played on the keyboard. Track 1 and track 2 are those. Track 3 is the snare, track 4 the hi hats, and track 5 is the kick drum.

When I laid down the kick drum (Pad 13, bank A), it muted the samples (after one beat) that’s playing from Pads 13 & 14 from Bank B.

Everything is recorded on its own individual track. If I mute the kick (track 5), the samples play. But if I unmute it, it cuts out again.

I’ve created another program and moved the samples there, didn’t work. I moved the samples to different pads, still didn’t work. I muted the first 2 tracks with the samples and let the drums play, and when I triggered the sample manually by hitting the pad, it muted it after one beat.

It’s not a polyphony issue or a ram space issue, as it’s literally just 2 samples, a kick, a snare, and a hi hat at this point. (Maxed ram is ~11 minutes of stereo sample memory, or ~22 minutes of mono sample memory)

There’s no mute groups assigned, everything is on poly/one shot. Any ideas? It’s really messing up my Feng Shui.

Someone mentioned to me about a glitch in the MPC’s, not just the 1k but the 2k and the 500 as well, with cutting playback of longer samples once you start putting drums on them, but that’s the first I’d ever heard about it.

MPC 1000, maxed internal memory, JJOS 3.16

illmuzik on youtube

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