MPC 2000XL Question

I'm in a situation where I'm unable to use my MPC, wanted to use it w/a Microkorg, originally to play MK keys and maybe record into the MPC and sample me playing (as I don't intend to sample vinyl). I was told at another forum I'm active on that the MPC wasn't designed to record synths.


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I don't know how the 2000 is set up but you can definitely hook up a keyboard to it via MIDI and record like that. How? I don't know, but there are plenty of people that have the 2000 as the center of their studio. Did you check the MPC forums?
I used to do this all the time... the other forum people aren't wrong, and they arent right...the problem is the 2000xl cant sample WHILE its playing (unlike the ASRX or MAschine etc) so you can certainly do what you want but if you want all the audio on to the MPC, (meaning you dont wanna track the MPC and the Mikro korg to a DAW separately) then you will need to sample your synth INTO the MPC. so your set up would be midi out MPC to MIDI in on the MK,MIDI OUT of the MK to MIDI in on the MPC, Audio OUT of the MK to a DAW or what ever recorder you are using. record the MK playing by recording a midi sequence on the MPC ( you can do this by playing the MK , the midi is being sent to the MPC so the notes will be recorded just fine). you would then track that to the DAW. then you could resample that back into the MPC (by sending the daw to your MPC inputs). Alternatively if you are ok Playing to a metronome... you could just set a metronome to the same BPM on your phone, and go into sample mode on the MPC and Sample your playing live directly into the MPC . then drop that into the beat.
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