MPC 5000 preload memory sucks

jawanza malik

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ok i jus got a mpc5000, and it come w a bunch of sounds. but it takes up all the memory so u cant import too many of ya own sounds cuz you'll get the stupid error message. so what i did was wipe its memory clean and import my sounds one at a time.. o yea and while chopping a sample it froze on me THANKS AKAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS MY 1ST TIME WORKIN ON A MPC. ANY TIPS ANYONE BESIDES THE OBVIOUS?


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Who buys MPC's anymore? If they do it's not the monsters its the babies i.e. MPC500


Old and dirty...
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That would suck...

The 5000 is awesome...and the sounds are actually very good.... I wouldn't even import my own, to be honest.


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A couple words of advice...
(1) Always - choose SAVE ENTIRE MEMORY for every project. TIP: Purge all unused samples first before saving to retain extra memory on your flash media.
(2) Always - give your project file a unique # or name
(3) Always - Save to a new uniquely named folder, Dates are the easiest.

Those 3 things will save you heaps of problems. Oh yeah, and make sure to update your OS if theres a new release, thats always crucial.

mpc 5000

yeah! Who the hell would give you an mpc 5000 for free? lmao!!!

Watch this video and see if you can get anything out of it:

[ame=""]MPC 5000[/ame]

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