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So I'm thinking of trying to get a few bucks out of my mpc 500. My question is do you think it would be worth it to cop an Mpc Studio if I already have an mpk mini 2 and use Fl Studio. I really love using the mpc it's just the 500 is so outdated, programming it takes so long I dont even use it anymore with the ease of the mini 2 and Fl Studio. Would it be a waste of money?

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Try out one of their MPC-style MIDI controllers if you can. I've heard that they often cheap out on the MIDI controller pads as opposed to the same parts on a dedicated MPC, but don't know if it applies to every model. Would the workflow on a Studio really be all that different than the 500, save for the extra column of pads? I think if you already have FL Studio, dedicated samplers don't make sense.


@Silentz if you already own the MPK mini don't cop a Studio and just sell the 500.


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You can easily keep the keyboard and use FL Studio, if that's your typical work flow. However, with the MPC Studio it's a controller made for their software, so at least it will work well together. The main difference is that you'll be working with the MPC software. You could also use it as a controller for FL but then that kind of defeats the purpose.

What you could also do is use the MPC 500 with FL Studio via MIDI, which gives you the best of both worlds. Right now I make my beats with the MPC 2500 then dump it all into Ableton, then use the MPC as a controller if I want to add sounds from plug-ins. It's great.

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