My name is TIM FLAIR


Hey fellow artists,

My name is TIM FLAIR and i'm a producer from the Netherlands. I create music which in my and friends opinions is a own sound. I'm proud of that statement and that's what I stand for. Creating something new. Putting your mark on music. Check out my SoundCloud, i'm always open working with new rappers who fit my style, but also very much open to critique.
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Im back
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I liked and subbed your soundcloud. I like your attitude too.
You have a similar production style to me. So now the niceties are out of the way...
On "The Code" the vocal seems off, it needs shifting a bit to get it on.
Really like Chapter 1, Im a big fan of flute. With the drums and instrument layering, really sounds like one of my compositions.Id have a little more swing on my drums though


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Welcome @TIM FLAIR and what's your musical backstory?

illmuzik on youtube

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