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So I am new to the forum and new to sampling and what not. I have read up on Fl studio and I have decided to pick up the Producer Edition of fl studio. My problem is I run all Macs, I would love to run a program on my macs, if you have one similar to Fl please let me kno, I have the reason demo on my g5, but it seems way too confusing for me to start out with. Any way, i have decided on fl studio and the m-audio trigger finger, some stanton str8-80 tables. Now all i need todo is find a pc. I would definitly love to run it on a laptop if possible. I have a deal at a computer store for this computer ( link below) for around 800, with a creative pcmcia sound card, I have read the system requirments on the program, seems like the computer will run it fine, but am i making the mistake of getting a laptop for this? will i burn out the laptop if i use it too much. Sorry for these dumb questions, my whole family runs macs, never has a windows computer steped foot in our house.

Again!!: if you have a program similar to fl for macs please lmk!



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If im going to pick up the pc laptop its gotta be tomoro so any help would be great.


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yeah that looks fine, maybe get a little more memory for it, i'de suggest at least a 1 gig. you also might have to get a new sound card, check out the emu, they have nice soundcards. i suggest going to, you can find some real nice deals on some my vaio with 1 gig, 17" flat screen monitor for 800.00


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I have FL 6 on my laptop runs pretty good. Avaratec 3200 series!

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