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Hello everybody, I'm SlyVester Starski. I'm happy for finding a place like IllMuzik at last. I like to tell something about my relatonship with music before I start to post beats:
  • Although my relationship with hip-hop dates as back as 2005, I became a daily listener in 2013. Since then, hip-hop became a part of my life and I know a wide variety of rappers, not only good ones, also bad ones.
  • My relationship with composing beats dates even older, I remember I was playing with FL Studio by 2009 as a little kid, I made my first true beat in 2012, but my older works than ones I did from late 2019 doesn't exist.
  • I can also rap! I got a flow that is solid and versatile, but whenever I do freestyle I accidentally mispronounce some words or spit some filler and meaningless bars and words.:D My songwriting skills are also very good though, can match with or surpass today's lyricists.
  • My beats sound VERY DIFFERENT compared to ANY OTHER beat I listen on internet. It is because that I can't find/use the "right" instruments to make my beats sound like MixLA or other beatmakers. I'm currently at a point that makes me confused about either trying harder to make it or stick with my own out of ordinary style.
  • I rather make my own samples from zero. I often stick with "Realistic" piano setup from FL Studio Sytrus when doing that. And when I spend a little effort I can make very deep sounds with that piano.
  • I almost always get insipred from the hip-hop of the period between 1979 and 1999. I specially studied years between 1979 and 1989.
    • My alias is a wordplay of rappers Tweedy Bird Loc and Busy Bee Starski, whose were from early 1990s and late 1970s/early 1980s respectively.
That's all from me. I hope we all will have good time together here. Greetings from Turkey.
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Welcome @SlyVStarski but put your instrumentals/raps on display and let the Ill community be the judge.
Welcome to the ILL! I like how you took an interest in the old school artists. What drew you to that early style?
I found Grandmaster Flash - The Message and saw that song dates back to 1982, and I wanted to go as older as I can. I knew rappers/groups like Jimmy Spicer, Kurtis Blow, Crash Crew, Warp 9, Schoolly D, Audio Two etc. straight from decade 1980s, I even used to have a collection of 1979-1989 hip-hop songs. I decided to rebuilt a such collection and I might even publish it in future.
And again, greetings from Turkey.