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Hey yo everybody.

I´m Ope, a wannabe producer.
I started my relationship with hip hop when I was a kid, listening to my brother´s rap collection. I always wanted hip hop to be a part of my life, so I started young writing my own lyrics, unfortunately never concluding too much. I do freestyle quite good tho.

I started to be fascinated by producing and beats only few years ago, even without understanding properly how it works. So I downloaded FL and started to play with it.
I´m not necessarily interested to take this thing of mine to a pro level, I just enjoy doing it and I want it to be for me, before being for others.

I join Ill community to get in touch with people like me, to improve what I´m already doing and, eventually, give back something when I´ll be more experienced and skilled.

Thanks everybody!


Welcome @Ope what's your age and please keep the lyricism going. You're not a wannabe, if you are producing something, complete or incomplete, you are a producer. Let no one tell you any different as life is too short to debate semantics.


I´m from 1994, so turning 26 this year.
I´m also big fan of EDM music, specifically keen to Tech-house music. Still, heaps of drum
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