Partnerships in Underground Music seem Undervalued


Hey Guys,

Im actually a long time "reader" of this site, I often come and listen to beats and samples that people do, I dont produce myself.. Im a rapper and a singer, who for goodness knows what reason, cant seem to find good partnerships or teamwork in the industry at the moment.

I feel like over the years, I have seen a whole lot of really successful teams, and I find that when (especially) a rapper and a producer have a good link, they create better bodies of work, in general.

I have been trying to find people I enjoy working with, I mean im going to make music either way but I know that im going to make the best music when I am on the same wavelength with everyone included in the track, from my studio engineer to the artist who does the coverart, but more so with the producer.

All of the producers I have worked with so far seem to be so focused on selling as many beats as they can, that they arent building relationships with artists and I wonder why? when weve seen so much success for teamwork and consistency?

I truely feel as if, when I meet the right producer, we could seriously make some amazing music! however at the moment it seems as if music/hip hop is taking a back seat and money is driving the quality of the music we hear.


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This is perfect. I find this is one the biggest issues facing the industry right now and it's not really addressed.

I think one big thing is that Rap music isn't regional like it used to be. It used to be you had rappers and producers that lived in the same neighborhood and actually knew friends of friends that knew each other, etc. Because it's all online now, I can see what you're saying. It's a shame that the bonding is lacking nowadays.

I know what you're saying about the producers but honestly I think it's also an issue with rappers too, who seem to just want to buy the hottest beat and rap over it, versus working with the producer.

So it's a lot of things going on, but besides that, are you hooking up with producers locally or online?

Over the years I've seen countless beatmakers that want to find a dope MC but it rarely works out.