Patrice Rushen - "Didn't You Know"


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@crog85 I digging your flip, nice usage of the 808

@Cayenne Your flip is dope. I can see Mos Def rapping to it

@Dez-NYCe HAHA I like that dark feel to it. The loud hats gives it a old school feel to it...

Its been a min since I made something. Here's a little something (I'm sloppy at the moment been 3 months since I made something):



I actually make beats.
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@crog85 At the beginning, just the music alone it reminded me of Mobb Deep's Infamous lol. Dope flip though, you kept it simple. Banging drums.

@Cayenne Nice! Smooth sounding and when the vocal parts came in, really dope.

@Dez-NYCe Evil! And especially when the drums come in, they compliment the sample real well.

@Copyno Is that from the flip? I don't recognize anything.

@Klypse I want those drums louder! But very good use of the samples. I like it, it's real smooth how you did it.


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@Fade With this flip you proved why are you the admin of this forum! i love that flip man! 1L
@Klypse the flip is dope, i only think that the snare should be a bit harder..
@Copyno That's great flip! I really love it! I just dont feel the hihats, but that may be my antitrap heart :p
@Dez-NYCe I love that rhytm broo! it is killiiiiiinn!
@Cayenne That's the best flip, after Fade's one.. Great job done!

Here is my flip, hope you'll like it..

illmuzik on youtube

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