Phil Moon - "Ozone"

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I actually make beats.
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@Klypse The sounds are eerie but great job with the guitar. Drums are on point.
@OldSoul1 Very smooth. Drums are laid back and the music has a really nice vibe.
@HardWireBeats Dope. You keep the drums at minimum and leave the music as the main part. Well done.
@DEEZ BEATZ This actually sound psychedelic and I would consider it more of an interlude while someone's talking over it. Think about it!
@Edgar This is so dark lol. Drums are dope and the music is creepy!
@PYVS I love how you bring in the uptempo drums, it flips the entire track. The music sounds warped, maybe that's just the high pitched part of the sample I guess. But I like how you flipped this sample.
@Feel Very chill and simple. This would be great with a rapper on it.

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