playing multiple pads at the same time

Can anyone tell me how to get my Maschine MK1 to play more than one pad at the same time without cutting the previous one off? I'm familiar with choke groups, but in this case all of the choke groups are all on zero and it's still doing it. All my software is up to date.
Maybe the group choke is the answer. I'm going to look into it more. I appreciate it man!
Now I gotta wait until 5pm to go home and try it. haha
It was a group polyphony setting in another section of the editing that was set to 1. I set it to 32 and it's working good. Now i'm dealing with lag on the note repeat button registering when I tap it. Which is weird, but I don't think it's latency related as far as the settings go in ableton. The button itself is lighting up late. lol I'll figure it out by this weekend. I appreciate all your help!


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I'm glad you figure it out. As for the note repeat, do you mean there's a slight delay before you hear the sound? I remember having that and it was something with the repeat setting. I hope it's that for you and not an issue with the controller.
Thanks and I hope so too considering I just bought it. I bought it thru, which offers a money back guarantee, but it's only 4 days because it was thru a private seller. There's a slight delay with the button illuminating and engaging. Once it's on, the note repeat is super responsive.