I'm Oskar Mikalsen aka PoloBeats from from Bergen, Norway.
Been producing for a couple of years now, but didn't make a single hiphop beat until 1 year ago. Using logic.
I mainly use soundcloud for uploads so you can follow me there if you want:

Otherwise feel free to hit me up either here or on soundcloud!
Welcome @PoloBeats and how do you like Logic as that's my choice DAW as a MacBook Pro owner/user
Thank you! I got into it when a rapper asked for beats and I decided to give it a shot. Been doing nothing else since.


I love the workflow and orderliness of logic, only problem is we don't have grossbeat :/
What about you?
@PoloBeats I'm copping LP X this weekend. I don't produce as in compose beats but want to over time as I'm a lyricist/MC.
@PoloBeats I'm an adult beginner to recording albeit w/personal challenges.

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