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Modern musicians, performers, and producers need to move quickly from programming drums and samples to playing synth lines and back again. ATOM SQ was designed as a versatile and expressive MIDI pad controller for contemporary music production. Its unique design is optimized for both classic TR-style 16-step beat sequencing and drum pattern editing in Studio One or playing instruments and launching clips in Ableton Live—yet its staggered and RGB-lit 32-pad configuration is instantly familiar to anyone who’s played a controller keyboard. Advanced features let you change the keyboard scale, and a built-in arpeggiator and user-configurable touch strip make the ATOM SQ the most expressive controller you’ll ever use. In fact, it’s the best PreSonus Studio One MIDI controller available.

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I think I'm still going to get an Atom instead.

Only thing it has for me over the Atom is a screen.

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