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Not sure if this is the right forum, its a little confusing with the new layout, but I have recently been plugging my shit on FB, doing the promo rounds. Every time I come across a decent producer I tell them about illmuzik. Which has given me a thought to just make a cut and paste message to plug ill. Id like to make the place more active, and get some community spirit back to the place. Ive come up with this cut and paste plug for illmuzik, feel free to use it and help us all grow...

Are you a hip hop producer?
Would you like to test your beats in the battle arena?
Would you like feedback on your newest beat?
Are you a beginner looking for tips and advice from a community of hip hop producers and beat makers?

Then might just be the place for you, regular beat battles, and an experienced community of producers who will give you feedback, tips and advice to help you grow as an artist.
What the fuck are you waiting for? Check it out now
Just trying to do my bit, feel free to help build a community back. These kids need some gentle persuasion hahahaha.
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I've been trying per Reddit.

illmuzik on youtube

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