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Im a pc user..so more than likely my sequencer would be on the computer...

so should i get a keyboard or rack?

Im looking for:

Good stock sounds
Sampling ability
Ease to integrate

do you kno any keyboards or racks ^^

i was thinking

XV2020 , 3080, 5050 etc etc

Triton Studio / rack

Fantom S

MOtif / rack


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Most companies make two versions of their synths: a keyboard version and a rack version. You should only buy the keyboard version if you don't already have a keyboard controller. If you do have a controller, get the rack version.

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I have a Triton but I like the fantom S because it has those cool pads on top and expanded sampling memory. It's definitly expandable and Roland always has hot sounds

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that depends.... what are you using to sequence? if you have something already, then get the rack every time, because it saves you money. you can buy the midi keys but you need sequencing first of all. as far as sampling, the triton rack has it and the xv 5080 i think but the motif doesnt and the xv5080 has the most expandability.... for what you are asking i suggest going to shreveaudio.com and buying the Fantom S because it has everything you are looking for in one package and it would save you a bit of money- at shreve audio its cheaper than what everyone else sells the 5080 for. 1800 bucks, american dollars. cant really beat that.


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Get the Rack. It's smaller and it takes up less space. All you need is a MIDI controller keyboard. Those run about $99 to $150. It saves money in the long run. What would you do with 5 keyboards when all you need is one. All you need are those same sound in a box and thats what the racks are for. Studio's use them. If you perform live on stage then I would get the keyboard, but lets face it how many Hip Hop Producers perform live on stage. You also can expand most module racks. This should be a no brainer for someone on a budget.


i would go with the keyboard.......its got much better touch than a module and a midi keyboard... i have a proteus hooked up to and mpc and midi contrller keyboard and the touch is awful, its not terribly sensitive, keyboard synth!

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