Real Talk: Are you trying to make a living from your beats?


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Just as the title says, are you trying (or are you already) to make a living from your beats?

If so, how are you going about it?
  • What style of beats do you make?
  • What are you doing for promotion?
  • Are you selling your beats or trying to work with artists? Or both?
Overall, what's your plan and goal in the music industry?

I think this is a great way to get a conversation going in this area, as it can help a lot of people.


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Most of my plans are relied on Obash (pronouncr O'baash). Obash is a band and it has a lot of music to release which can make money, obash has a long story & i dont think anybody wants to hear it.
Other than that I'm also trying to get a degree in oil studies so i can make some money and escape iran so i can learn music in a univesity.


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Don't really focus on a style or type of beat right now, but usually it's sample based boom-bappish vibes. I guess once i changed the philosophy of how i approach my work process i instantly saw good energy coming my way from people who listened to what i made. So now i just trust my ears and try to not overthink anything as it has worked the best for me so far.

Promotionwise im almost as passive as one could be. Mostly i just listen to random artists and if i hear something i enjoy i just let them know it and thats it. Definitely can improve my game here but it is what it is.

I ain't selling much, like 1 beat/mix/any production related job a week, but still i cant really belive someone is willing to spend anything on what i can offer. SoundBetter has been a blessing - shoutouts to Dissa for putting me on it. Just registered there and basically people hit me up and i get to make dope beats from requests and challenge myself without any promo work from my part.

If i could eventually get to a level of selling even only 1 exclusive beat a day id be set. Spending a few hours doing what you love and earning more than the average wage? I guess thats the dream for now.
1 - UK Drill, Bit of Boom Bap and weird beats where I'm trying to improve my midi skills.

2 - Nothing really, I have a IG page but it's a diary. A few times people have put vocal stems out and I've tried to remix a track on twitter but I know I still have to improve a lot.

3 - Both, would rather work with artists at the minute while I'm still in the hoobyist phase.

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I don't sell beats but have fun making them. As a service I mix and master locally and looking for a strategy to expand online but it needs plenty of focus and I lack that so far. But this year 2019 I'm saving up and moving my family to Los Angelas I was going alone this year and had a change of heart, so road trip! As far as making a living from music I would say keep a part time job till the money is consistent, I work a double shift on Mondays and music the rest of the week. Music pays when its going but its not dependable so thats why I say part time job and plenty of saving or you'll find your selfs packing your bags home before you know it or loosing your home. Best strategy is patients, persistence, and non stop far thats been working for me the past 3 months, w'll see in 2020.
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For starters, I wouldn't necessarily say I make a living off of selling beats as I do have a primary job! But it does feel good when those beat sales come in. I live in DC so the cost of living is hella crazy, and $250 a sale wont really get you too far ahead in terms of financial stability. I've leaned more towards the commercial avenue after seeing that some postings are offering $7K and above for instrumentation for commercials, video games, etc. I do feel that those producers that really take advantage of that option do tend to fair off better, as a lot of artist now days aren't too interested in kicking out money for production or they feel that they are too good or established to ever pay for a beat. I've hit that curb as of recently from reaching out to artist via Twitter and IG, they follow and send a message asking for free production and I kindly direct them to my website... But for those of you that have and can make a living off of this, cause it IS possible, I tip my hat to you all!

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I don't know what style of beats I make. I just make beats. But they are not trap. Definitely not trap.
I don't do nothing for promotion except upload beats on soundcloud. One of my classmates is rapping and I'm making some songs with him.
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