Remake and remaster(interpolation) of beats

Hi everybody, it's SlyVester Starski and I want to ask/talk about something. Sorry if a similar thread alreadily exists.

Y'all know the word "remake" is not uncommon in beat producing, as many beat producers tried to remake an instrumental they like at least once, or even twice in some cases (in Youtube there are two remakes of G's and Loc's' instrumental by same beatmaker, for example). Remaking an alreadily known instrumental is a way that a beatmaker can express himself when he/she doesn't want to make one from scratch, or can build a career around this; remaking beats of known songs, even rare ones.

There's also a thing that I prefer to use the term "remaster" on it; using same (or slightly varying from original instrumental) riffline/bassline/beatline patterns as the beat that you got insipred and using the ability of combining different patterns of riffline, bassline and beatline together (thus often changing length of beat). The nearest term to it in music industry is interpolation, which is re-recording melody instead of sampling it according to Wikipedia; but I know something I do makes my beats something other than interpolations. I have scratch beats too, but I like to interpolate/remaster instrumental of songs I like; such as Schoolly D's PSK, Bloods & Crips' G's and Loc's (I remastered it once but forgot to save :( ), B-Brazy's Westside BG'z, Rebel XD's some snippets and so on (I've produced over 20 songs in past a few months and almost half of them are "remaster"s).

That's all from me. What about you? Do you look forward to remake, interpolate or "remaster" beats?
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