Remaking a beat with original MIDI sounds. (No loops)


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Heard Snoop Dogg's "Dont Be Mad At Me" track by a producer named Problem
for the first time and already knew what Korg Gadget 2 and Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 sounds I could use to recreate it my own way in just an hour last night when I woke up with insomnia while making a production video for it. Made it sound as similar as possible with Ableton 10 Suite...
Also used a dope MPC3000 drum kit with my AKAI hardware and keyboards.
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Really dope. It's interesting too because what if while you're recreating the beat you end up just using it as inspiration and going in another direction with it?

Either way it's a good way for newbies to learn. Just follow what someone else did.

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I used to make tracks from the midi files just to see and learn how they were put together.
I do a lot of composition now, and generally sample when Im hitting a brick wall with starting something composed.
Im not a huge fan of sound design though, I find it too time consuming.
Recreating a song is great for training the ears to listen to individual parts in the mix, but if you cannot recreate a particular sound it can be a bit time consuming or give questionable results. Not to mention getting a copyright strike for your troubles.


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What @TACTIK Akai hardware do you own?

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