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I just got a MPC 2000XL and I have some vocal samples that I want to put in a beat, but the sample is too fast for the beat. A friend told me to turn down the decay but it didn't work. My question is how do I make it fit without speeding up the beat.:confused:
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You can't really, I never really sample phrases on the MP, but the triton and motiff, have the Time Slice feature that claims you can adjust the BPM independent of picth but it still effects the picth in my opinion,

Shorten the sampled phrase or speed up the drums, your table should have a picth or speed adjuster, slow the sample down . or the sometimes I put my finger on the recored and slowed the turn table but that only good for very short sounds.


Send ur sample to a program such as cool edit. pitch bend it to what speed you want, then save and send it back to the mpc.


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there is a feature in the mpc 2000xl where you can perfectly fit any sound between two specified positions in a track.

i havnt learned how to do it yet.....check the manual.

it might be in the time stretch section. (you can stretch sounds or make them shorter)

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if its not a flowing loop chop it to where it fits.try fine tuning the sample or use time stretch if theres a will theres a way.and its if its not perfect but it sounds tight keep it just like that.holla

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or try using acid, you can adjust the sample speed w/o losing the pitch


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chop the sample and open acid, insert it, get the tempo. then u can make it w/e u want it to be

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