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It seems that there has been a bit of an uproar about posting a sample and someone from the forum using that sample and "claiming it's theirs" when they haven't (in The Lab). This would be the last argument I thought would ensue in this forum. If what Dalvyn has done is wrong, we shouldn't be here! I hope all of this recent fury over someone sampling another's sample and "fuckin with it" is a joke.

Anyone, if someone downloaded a beat from your site and sampled a peice of it, what would you do when you heard it?



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worldcityceo said:
if someone downloaded a beat from your site and sampled a peice of it, what would you do when you heard it?

probably be extremely pissed off, especially if it was a good beat. i wouldnt mind too much if they took a drum or somethin, but sampling someones already chopped sample is just lazy and stealing peoples hard work.



yep..i feel ya...that was messed up but he says hes never made a beat b4 not mad about...but i put in the diggin time and samplin time..and blah blah..and then he claims it..i mean c'mon...atleast
post it ona diff. forum or somethin you section and all...ha..its all good though...


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Man thats fucked up... I've had that happen to me before too , not on here though.. My homie did it to me... I dont think its cool at all actually... After all like u said, u put in the time to find that joint.. Thats lame when someone gotta jack a sample from another producer! But hey whatever, shit happens right? Nothin you can do but come back harder with some hotter shit man... Keep doin what you do, make em mad...


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I must agree with you all. You can't call someones chopped up masterpiece yours. No one here would sample Premo's track sample it and call it ours. It's just not right. If in fact he is truthful and this is his first time "Looping" a beat, then he needs to understand what he's actually doing and give the rightful owner his props and thank him for helping him with his first "experimental" track.


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if he took sumthing id used and then said well i got this off so and so and didnt claim it woz his id be ok if he woz a newbie and just trying to piece shit together for the first time !
but if it woz sum1 who woz already good and took my loop and just strait put his own drums to it then went off claiming it woz his id be mega pissed !


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I would be pissed, it might be one thing if it was a beat that i sampled,and all they did was sample the part of the beat that had no drums in it, but if they sampled a part that i could tell that they were my drums i would be mad.... But not as mad as i would be if somebody sampled my riff that i played on the keyboard, something that i thought of, something that was original.


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I'm pissed all the time cuz my friend who I mainly produce now thinks he can make better versions of my beats just because he has mpc2000. =) Well I told him that if my beats aren't good enough, he don't have to use em'... =)

Well if someone really stoles your beat, you must feel like raped or something =)


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Man you would be surprised at the folks that lack their own creativity and steal other peoples work, its me I can't really have a lot to do with those types of folks, but I hear about this sort of thing all of the time, it's crazy..


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Feel good about it. I mean at least your shit was worth sampling. It's like he is paying u respect by sampling your shit. This cat's ethics as a producer tho r fucked up and his credibility is -100.


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Stop da' bloodclot cryin'

Why bitch about something that has been going on since the beginning? Okay, I agree that using someone elses chopped sample is a bit lazy; but it's just a sample. Do you give props to all the musicians that you've sampled from? Have you called them and thanked them for their hard work and labor put into that piece that you sampled to make something that you now call your own? Why bitch about something that was'nt yours to begin with? Yeah, I agree that this was a totally unoriginal idea and that doin' your own thing is a must. Especially here. If this kid never made a beat before as he claims; then now he has learned something new here at IllMuzik. That's part of what we are here for right?


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Ok..I see where ya coming from...but it's like stealing something that's been stolen.....

Don't get mad if your shit gets stolen...You think an artist likes the fact that you used a sample from a song the artist dedicated to his sell to an emcee who's rapping about bitches, drugs, killing, etc.......

If you don't want your material "stolen" DON'T POST THE SHIT.......No one is forcing you to post every hot beat you make......So stop bitchin.....
Ya should be flattered that someone thought ya shit was so hot that he/she had to sample it....


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If its a sample them he's just plain lazy and lacks originality... but if it was something I composed myself like the other guy said... that would stright piss me off, cause I ain't made it in the industry yet... but if I'm a big producer or what not go ahead a sample it, I already got my credit for it... Your credit is the most valuable thing to make it and if someone is gonna rape that from me I'd definitely bust back...


I kinda dont understand...

I mean I understand if someone would too sample your music, you would be pissed off. Some has quoted that sampling equals too no talents.. So why is it that for some of you that would get vexed for having a part sampled from ur track, actually samples off other records. Wouldn't that make some of you guys a hypocrite.


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That's why people hated puff daddy's production when he came out. Instead of grabbing a piece of music and flipping it in an original way, he just re-released existing music and put his name on it (read let's dance, every breath you take, kashmir, etc).
Someone like Primo can take a well known phrase, chop it, and play it back sounding new and fresh.
Releasing someone elses shit and calling it your own is lame.
Taking five peoples shit and re arranging it into your own vision is much better IMO
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