Semi-Unplug Technique


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when i have nothing to do, i pull out the handsfree/speaker plug out, but not fully out, just a little bit of it stays in, now when i do this and listen to music, i can hear some instruments that i coudln't in the normal version. if you do this, most of the time you cant hear the main vocals anymore, instead you hear backup vocals, you can't hear snares really well, and ... also you can hear the reverbs and delays on main vocal. ALSO if a rapper has a LOT of auto tune effect on his voice and sounds like a microbe, you can still hear him.

i use this to find out how they make music, maybe you should try it to. by the way i think there's a way to to this with a daw but i'm too retarded to find out how, so if you know how to do that please tell me about it.


DO NOT call me T-dog
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Invert the phase of one of the channels and then sum them to mono. Results depend on the mix and mastering. I do this when taking samples just to see if some parts can be isolated nicely.
ok 1 question
I was listening to some billie eilish song (For educational purposes, i swear the god), and there was a song called bury a friend, i thought the backing vocals are kinda odd, so i did the cable technique, i pulled the just a little outta the pc socket so i can hear the backing vocals without the main vocals. then i thought Why can i hear the backing vocals isolated when i pull the cable a little out ? i mean what did they to to these audios when they were making the song, that seperated them from the main vocals ?
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