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here's my setup... dont laugh.



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well most of you already seen my setup, but for those that didn`t can go here:

i also have some pics from way back in the day like when i first put my home studio together. i have some gear from the early 90`s. once i upload them in the computer i`ll show them to you.


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Wo! I never saw this thread back then!?
Hey alot of you guys have dope setups, Im very envious...
I really should just wait to post mine till i have some cool stuff to show, but heres my pathetic setup...It gets me by, just barely. :bawling:



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my set up

Here's the newest addition to my set up.
Will have pics of the whole set up later.
the korg microkontrol midi controler.

here's acouple pics of my set up:
The keyboard is my old midi controler. I still use it to since the korgs keys are mini and tough to get used to.

There dark cause theyr takin with my cellfone cam and was posted on a cellfone pic web site.

But basicaly I have :
Dell pc (windows xp home)
2 technic 1200 turntables
Technic sh1200 mixer
Small phonic mixin board
Samson co1 condensor mic
Korg microkontrol midi controler

Logic platinum 5
Sonar 2.o xl
Wavelab 4.0
Reason 2.5
And recycle 2.0
Oh and yeah fruity loops 4 but my brother uses it. Lol

And awhole bunch of plugins (many dat came from linnks from you guys thanks )

Ill have some beats posted soon been workin a lot. And have to properly setup my new baby(korg) in my set up.
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The Bastard

here it is

my setup: psr 292 as a midi controller,fl studio 4,cool edit,sonar 3(dont use that much too many programs im learning i can only find time for so many)reason 2.5 ,beringer euroack presonus mic pre amp alesis compressor/limiter ,shure mic unknown model that i gaffed from radio shack,im willing to explore more shit but the way i see it now i have everything i need i feel i have all the freedom i want with this setup


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