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Just made this one an hour ago trying something different.
Sounds a bit durty in my opinion. Also, drums could be a bit harder. But I like the idea and the melody of this track, just make the sound clearer.

Here's mine:
My very first track. I'll take any criticism, especially about mixing and mastering. On what should I focus in my next compositions? Thank you in advance!

2GooD Productions

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Really like the bassline on this, dope chill beat. Nice composition. On a side note, I need to know how the fuck you got that animated video going on, I need one of those in my life.

@Marc Duncan Not sure about that flute, it seems to be throwing off the beat, like its slightly out of tune or something, the rest fits together really well, except maybe the big bass sound, it sounds a bit muddy and could be a lot rounder, but a little equing would fix that. Maybe cut around 250 - 350hz to take away some mud and boost around 55hz to get a nice rumble, then maybe boost somewhere between 1000 to 3000hz to give it the presence that will be lost as you cut the mud. Then the bass should sit a lot better, not be so over bearing in the mud area. I dunno, just some ideas.

@Matt-D - I wish it would rain. This is a decent track, is it a cover and remix. Nothing I can really critique about it, sounds cool to me.

@WIKTO-GRIZZLY Yes man, this is fucking dope. On that new shit that I need to catch up with. Im too fucking oldskool, I need to come fresh.

@MickMain Nice dark vibe, reminds me of some old cella dwellas or mr voodoo something. Nothing really to critique about it.

Will drop some more feedback later.
Heres one from me...

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Beau Beats
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Thanks a lot. One sound at a time. Just kept adding things to that one lol
I really like your beat. Very original sounding which is nice to see in a world of types. I love the progressions of sounds coming in too.

Thank you. I learned a lot making that one.
I like the remix. I have never had success at doing that myself.

@Yogi Beatz
Thanks for the feedback.
I like your beat, very dark. The melody seems to be shifting slightly out of key which may make it hard for the auto tune generation to match up too but it gives a great ire feel throughout which I always enjoy. Do you listen to Kyle's podcast? One of my favorite when Im driving long distances.

@TL Beats
Thank you. Yeah its just a random pop beat. Not really into typecasting my stuff other than for search purposes. I shoot for musical creativity over everything. Only way to differentiate my self from the 500,000 people making the same beats online. I haven’t heard how anyone has used it yet but a few random people from around the world have leased it. Excited to see what they do with it.

Your beats cool. The sounds are pretty good. Not so sure about the ending. Kind of lost my rhythm there but all around decent beat.

I like how you used the vocal chops as the melody. Sounds really cool. The only advice I would have (and it may just be personal taste) but the percussions sound like they are only on the left. The occasional hit on the right may make it a little more pleasing to the ear when wearing headphones and stuff. Nice work though. The mix sounds pretty good.

@2GooD Productions
Thanks. I kept the bass really simple on this one. Wanted the instruments to ride it nicely.
For the visualizers I use a plugin in fl studio called ZGameEditor Visualizer. Very powerful tool built into FL. I made a preset for it so I just change the background for each beat once I name it. Takes me about ten minutes now to make them. With the help of photoshop, it is a really quick process for me now. I use to waste mad time making them but practice presets make it very easy.

I really like the baseline on yours. Got a nice walk to it. I haven’t put a baseline other than 808 in my tracks in a while. This kind of inspires me to do it more often. Its a nice low end melody.

2GooD Productions

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@PhatRipz Fire Flames, cool beat. Nice variation, after the first drop though I wanted strings, didnt get them, never mind hahahaha. I think the clap is a bit far back in the mix, but thats just personal preference, I like a snare to punch me in the face. Its a good beat, got nothing constructive really.

@Reddix. Like the organ instrument when it first comes in, should play around with pitch bend on the midi controller with this synth, that type of sound works great with pitch bend. Because of the style of beat Id switch out that bassline for an 808 sub kick. The beat seems lacking in the kick department, needs more kick maybe a bit more cowbell, jk. Sounds well mixed, nice and clean. Would like to hear more variation, maybe a bridge/changeup.

@Yogi Beatz Nice sample and its dope what you have done to it, buts its just off key, tune it up a little and its dope. Is a great sample choice. I can see you are new to music by the clashing keys, but stick with it, you need to train your ears, it takes time, but you will get there.

@TL Beats Really caught my attention at the start then the 808 came in and it was gone. I have never been a big fan of the 808 basses and probably never will, not your fault. The beat has a lot of room for variation too, I feel it needs another instrument to play off the main one, it will add a lot more depth and unlock a lot more potential.

@tartar4ever. Really not bad at all for a first beat. The bassline is offkey though. Its a great sample. The track really needs a snare too. But shows great potential. That sample alone has great potential.
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