Showcase - April 27-29, 2011

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I 1st i thought my internet was lagging lol but dope groove going on g but yo f*** me i love tha snare so much


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wdre-yeah man, some laid back oldschoolness, as good as it gets. i'm just happy to have witnessed the golden age of hiphop as a teenager.
amad - sounds mixed well, the drums fit the instrumentation and vice versa, good job.



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mono - I like the choppiness as well, the strings reall adhere everything together when they come in. nice job.

wdre - dope remix! luv the whole vibe on this joint. nice!

A_mad - nice work, very clean and well arranged.

Versatile G - this is the most creative beat by far, the vocals are sick! transitions are dope! The unique sounds put this over the top for me. FIRE!

Mike Black - I like this beat, I like the structure, the little pauses everything...I think some minor touches on the EQ and this joint is fire as well.

great job everybody!
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