Showcase - April 6-12, 2020

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  • @KongoRampoozy : I like the sound design of the beat, both the samples and the synths that were used. I also liked the structure, there is always something interesting happening.
  • @Marc Duncan : I like the synth programming and the structure of the beat “Catch Them”, also nice job on the 808s. I like the mix and the structure of “Release Them”
  • @Matt-D : I liked the synth programming and sound selection of the beat, especially the claps, the way you EQ’d them really made them stick out.
  • @Pappas Beats : I like the overall structure of the beat but I thought the sawtooth synth was a little too overpowering, even though it seemed like that is what you were going for. I just thought it took up more space than it needed to in the mix
  • @WIKTO-GRIZZLY : Nice mix, nice structure and I really like the guitar with the wah pedal in the “Sun Dust” beat. Good job
  • @crosstevsky : I like the 808s and everything fit well in the mix. I thought the melody of the lead synth could have been changed at some point to add more variation to the beat. Nice job though.

Here is my beat for the feedback forum this week:


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@KongoRampoozy That is a nice production mate, I like the sounds, samples, instruments you are using on this...I think a bit lower bpm would make it more of a beat and less of an EDM track...Nice arrangement.
As for the mixing, it sounds a little bit thin, maybe you can turn up the bass, overall I like it...
@Marc Duncan, I like the initial loop on ''Catch Them" sounds nice, I think you need more aggressive drum sounds on this, turn down the 808 a bit...I don't like rumba style beats so I didn't quite feel "Release Them" the girl in the video is cool dough :)
@Matt-D It seems like you have changed your style from more sample-heavy productions to more synth usage
I like it...I tend to use a lot of arpeggiated synths myself, but sometimes they don't fit quite so well...Leave that out or replace it with something else and I think you got a better beat.
@Pappas Beats The fact that you got two Beat Fight wins says that you are good at war type beats. I see this in a good fighting movie scene...full of tension, very nice...
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY Very good, Mix sounds flawless...I like your synth work on this one (Sun Dust) That's it..just keep up the good work.
@Dsensei I love Dub music and "The Professional" has a very good old school "dubby" feel, nice bassline..with some vocal effects or MC it would sound even nicer...
@Cosmodub Lab Very dope remixes, I like them both, nothing constructive to say, just keep it up...welcome to Illmuzik!
@AlphaStudart Nice lofi beat, I like it...Also, nice production on the second one sounds very good...I don't understand anything but I'm sure is some nasty shit... :)

This beat didn't make it in the recent warzone battle, what you think?
You have a unik style, that beat take me for a strange atmosphere, like a storytelling of a dream. I can do some lirics in there. Good job

I pulish one more Lo-Fi (I'm trying) beat today.
You can also ear my videoclip, produced by me, makes part of my Ep.


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Thanks for your feedback @Chad I like your beat, your simple yet effective drum pattern along with the video hypnotize me, but it never got boring, there were enough switch ups...Dope!
Thank you @AlphaStudart Your new productions are also dope, especially the lofi stuff, I don't produce it myself, but I'm a fan...


yo listen up these mixes, sample based beats (i was diggin into some old european vinyls site, and picked random portuguese and greek old but gold sounds), and tell me what u think about them, ill be vibin to all ur beats soonish :fire:
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Here's my beat that was supposed to be on the Beat This! comp...
Haha, I can see why you're upset...that is a dope beat...I like how you have blended the sample with your own sounds...I think the vocal snippets you use are not necessary...they overshadow the vocal from the sample...


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@KongoRampoozy I like this one a lot! I sat back and jammed the whole way through. Smooth Vibe!
@Marc Duncan I am really feeling the sound selection and groove of Release Them, really catchy and easy on the ears.

Haha, I can see why you're upset...that is a dope beat...I like how you have blended the sample with your own sounds...I think the vocal snippets you use are not necessary...they overshadow the vocal from the sample...
Ha, thanks bud. I appreciate the feedback. Next time I'll upload properly!


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Here goes my track that was made for the competition but didnt make it since it was full



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Hello, I am an amateur producer living in Seoul. Here's my new mixtape! Thanks for listening!
Pretty Decent intro
track 2 was ... Okay, but what would be the use of it?
also track 3, they sound like they're meant to be in commercial breaks, but then again there's hip-hop-ish drums on track 3 so ... it's confusing. I'm not saying it's bad, I just think there's no use for it, and the other thing is that it's really simple. by simple, I mean we all know Ocean Eyes is what made billie eilish Billie Eilish right? when they uploaded that song on soundcloud, besides all the qualities that this song has, not only it was musically good, there hasn't been any song on soundcloud similar to ocean eyes until ocean eyes came out. THAT's what made billie eillish happen. what you made is musically okay, but it just sound's like you wanna sell me a samsung product in the 00s or smth, there's a lot of songs out there similar to your music. technically you're really good, but you got to be more creative.
the other thing is with the drums, I really dislike them. not only they don't sound good and they don't have harmony with your music. except for HO6 probably. that song had better drums than the rest. If I was you I'd use real drums, because all of your instruments are not digital and the digital drums kinda ... stand out, you know? no harmony between the drums and the music.

So in total
A: try to make your mind up about your music, Am I making hip-hop? am i making trance music? is this a fusion? if it is what feelings should this song transfer to the listener? what's gonna be sung on this? you know? in track 3 specially it was kinda confusing, the harmonies were trying to show me how beautiful life is the drums gave me mobb deep vibes from straight down the gutter. it wasn't a good fusion.

B: You're really good in terms of music, you know what you're doing with harmonies and melodies, but you don't know how to direct your talents, you know? idk if you're playing it too safe or you meant to sound that simple with your music, but be more creative. in total you sound Good, but you sound way too simple, with both the drums And the music And the sound selection.
Here's my beat that was supposed to be on the Beat This! comp...
A very solid classic sound. I like the piano and the horn samples and the vocal chops are very fitting. I was listening for something that could be improved on, like a switch up somewhere or more punch in the kick, but I think that it's good the way it is. Good work. I enjoyed listening to it.
Here goes my track that was made for the competition but didnt make it since it was full

Not bad! I think the part before the vocals came in was a bit empty or slow to build and could've used some additional element perhaps or a different sequence. I like the vocal sample and the overall sound selection. The mix sounded okay to me, maybe take out some lows in the piano.
A new one! Thanks for listen
A standard lo-fi sound. I like the plucking element, it made it more interesting. The sequence of the beat is decent. It was very relaxing to listen to. I replayed it after the first time to hear it again. Sounds like some study music. Good job.
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