Showcase - April 9-15, 2018

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Damn @Matt-D That track was sauce. I see you progress and its getting better...That Baseline is crazy, the vocals are nice...good job..

I haven't posted here for a min but here's a Lofi I just did a week ago...


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its a snowy day, yes its snowing here in virginia and its f***ing april!...i have a beat id like to share, but first ill give some feedback

@Matt-D kinda psycadelic and outer space that aspect im really digging the beat it reminds me of parliament ... more a fun sound to it i dont have much negative to say about this, overall i had fun listening to this nice work

@Klypse nice work chopping this flute appropriatley, it goes good with your drum swing, nice chill vibe, kind f reminds me of a goonies soundtrack or something, i see where changeup was for the hook? but it just lacked a little energy, maybe some more percussion or some light crashes to give it that epic feel...overall nice sample choice...i think with a little more time and TLC this could def have potential to be a serious banger...nice work

@Kod4R dope sample flip, ive heard this sampled so many times and done in so many differnt ways but this actuallly came to be really nice clean and dope, nice work my friend!

heres my beat, thanks!

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
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@Matt-D that's dope beat bro, but i think the snare is too noisy..
@Klypse that's dope lofi beat.. i love it!

this is my latest job done.. and i want to know what you think about the master, because im not good at it too much.. hope you'll like it..

*edit* *i wrongly named the beat, it's crystal raindrops, not crystal rainbow.. haha*
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Hey guys, hope you starting good the week, got a fresh chill trap beat for you guys. But first some feedback for the illest!

@Matt-D can't say I really like this one the entrance seems a bit sketchy and the sample it's not my favorite but I love the vibe you got man keep that up!

@dBtheProducer man I'm loving this one I'm smoking and listening to this and it sounds so dope perfect drums love the breaks and the sample was so smooth. Fire bro.

@Kod4R fire man real fire, I like all of it the buildup was so cool and that vocal is simply perfect. Good work !

Heres my chill trap for da week !



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@Matt-D I like that sample. The way you chopped it up was dope, I'd suggest maybe fading out the beginning and then going into the beat. The transition felt a little abrupt but other than that nice work.
@Klypse I really liked the wavy vibe I got from the sample you chose. The bass felt really low key, I like that. Nice work though.
@dBtheProducer The mixing sounds great, the beat had an old school vibe to it. Overall the track sounds really clean, I'm a fan.
@Kod4R You should try to bring up the low end it kinda got drowned out. The track sounds a little muddy, maybe make your mix a little louder. I do like the beat though.
Here's my beat let me know what you think.


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@Matt-D : I like the overall aesthetic of the beat, it's very creative, I thought that kick was kind of out of time with the sample and that it needed more of a presence in the low-mid to low frequency range, like around 80 to 100 Hz. Overall, nice job though

@dBtheProducer : I like the sample choice and the mix of the drums. It is kind of old school like someone else mentioned but it still sounds fresh, reminds me of a beat from Reasonable Doubt. Good job

@Klypse : I liked the use of the flute, it makes it pretty interesting I think it could sound even better if some EQ was applied to it to bring out the high mids more and if it was pushed more tot he front of the mix Drums are mixed nicely though. nice work.

@GRTBTZ : I like the beat, I personally think the mix would be better if the high frequencies of the synth bass were brought down a little bit. Other than that suggestion though the beat is dope, it has a nice sound selection and structure, and I like the low end emphasis of the track.

Here is my beat for this showcase

Sunny T

What's up everybody, I'm here mostly to look for vibing beats but is it aight to post songs if you aren't the producer? I can't make beats worth a shit but I do my own recording and voice effects. Will reply later with some feedback on everybody's shits


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@Klypse All I can say is banger!! that snare drum really pops.
@dBtheProducer Great sample choice and the bass blends very nicely with it.
@Kod4R Nice old school flip, sounds very clean.
@BORIS love the way that kick knocks and the tone of this beat really good beat to ride out to.
@GRTBTZ I think this is a great beat, I would love to hear how the beat would sound with an artist over it.
@Chad love the beat and those cool sounds. It get's a little cluttered at some parts with the bass being too loud but overall still a good beat.


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@BORIS awesome vibes from this one!!!...its dreamy and im loving the work you put in on the change up... drum pattern is spot on too... the electric guitar was a real nice touch, mixed very well and im really digging this beat man nice work...

@GRTBTZ i appreciate that homie!!! listening to this beat at first through me off...but i have a feeling thats exactly what you wanted us to experience so i let the beat ride to see how i feel...
...this is a very unique outside of the box thinking type of beat...i love that alot and this offset tone you have in this beat is dope ... step back is a good name for this beat too... very nice work

@Chad thanks for checking out my beat bro, hope all is reasonable doubt? thats an awesome comparison, some of my favorite producers are back from that era (the alchemist, dj premier, large professor, etc...)...i hear your traditional trap style drum patterns and changes, i hear the low pass filters and the drops but im just not in love with that synth sound....still think this is a good beat though bro nice work

@Matt-D classic looping style beat...very retro with the style and loving that...for what it is i really like the sample choice and im not sure how old this is (because you mentioned this is an old beat) but im sure if you cleaned up the small details in the sample chops this would def be a banger...keep it up brother! nice work!

here is another beat i made,

**want to know a secret?**...
... im terrible with coming up with instrumental title names

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>


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@dBtheProducer The sample is dope, the bass is nice and the drums are banging....GJ man. It's a little repetitive but its all good....keep up the good work

@Kod4R Here's yet another dope flip. I like how you did the vocals and the gritty hats...Love it. Also good job with the buildup..

@GRTBTZ HAHA...All you need is a dope MC to spit on it. I say Busta Rhymes or someone with fast wordplay. I like the dark trap type feel to it....I also like the bass because its also gritty...Good Job

@marv.B.rockin At the beginning when I first hear the melody and the drop I thought it would be banging...but it kept on going and going and it would not stop....its way too repetitive. The 808 and the hats are dope tho...

@Chad I like the drums and and bass, but something is off about it though. Too cluttered maybe??? But I like the structure of it. This one has real potential to be a great banger..


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Hi to all, I'm new here...all of the beats sound great.
@Matt-D I think that the beat is nicely chopped but the FX are bit loud.
@Klypse I like it, nice work.
@dBtheProducer Nice one, good vocals, I just think that there should be part without them, just for contrast.
@Kod4R Tight beat, but i can tell anything about the mastering i'm learning that one too.
@BORIS Nice work, nice sounding beat, maybe too much reverb.
@GRTBTZ Nice Bass...Nice Work
@marv.B.rockin Tight groove, little bit repetitive, maybe loose the horns after 40 seconds when the hi hat comes in, and come up something else.
Nice sounding bass, I thing the snare and hi hat rolls can be tighter.

Here is my first beat uploaded on ILL



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Matt-D dope sample but for my taste, the snare is too beefy and the transition at the beginning could be smoother, keep up the good work bro:)
Klypse i like the sample, it's kinda relaxing to me but I don't like the mute at 0:36.
dBtheProducer this is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper dope good job on this no complaints here :D
Kod4R who is the singer? she sounds beautiful. The hi-hat could be boosted in the high frequencies for my taste, good job on this
marv.B.rockin super dope intro and good job on the mixing especially the panning
BORIS nice melody, the snare could hit harder for my taste
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