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For anyone who can't hear my beat, here's a mirror:
@tomkillsjerry Wow... one hell of a trip. I don't even listen to music like this, but I'm defininitely downloading that. Very tasteful sound design, I like the thin sounding thing from the beginning throughout, no idea what it is. This shit is club ready, I'm impressed!

@Matt-D Are those claymore sound effects from Modern Warfare? lmao
Anyway, that's pretty nice, fits the song perfectly. The melody may be on the simplistic side, but this minimalist approach works. Wish I had something to complain about really.

@Alejandro On first listen, it may have too much going on, but the real issue is the levels. The strings and orchestral hit are too loud - just compress them a lot and add a smidgen of gain, should work. I've heard a lot of similar beats and I know what you're going for - with these little tweaks it would sound very good to rap to.
Dope, needs some touch ups on the mix and In my opinion a shaker would add a little more life to it, but that's just me, I don't know your vision, but other then that it's a nice beat, keep doing what you do ✌.


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hey ya'll ill listen to everyone's beats when I get's something I made last night for ya ear holez



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Alejandro- definitely a loud track. Could be a dope beat with better mix, eq, and song format.

tomkillsjerry- dope work. Nuff Said

TheThrillz- this dope work also. No complaints

Santtigranite- nice beat...maybe add some strings or something to it.

Beatmaker80- this is dope. I’m feeling it.

Narcbear- track is not loading Bro

Copyno- decent track hear. I’d probably revisit the mix and eq. Piano seems a bit loud.

Artisanajuice- the offbeat style is cool at first then the vocal samples kinda overwhelm itfor me. Definitely abstract and creative though.

Monsieur Jo

Bumble Boy
Ey boys, for those who like the album goblin and bastard by Tyler, (or wolf) here's a little something that im working on. Would like to know if its spot on for that genre of music (and ofc anything else that could be changed) it has not been mixed fully yet, Enjoy!
If the beat isn't working for you just press on the title of the beat and it should take you to my profile where you can hear it

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RB Productions
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@Drago Zetić This is a smooth Banger!! One of my favorites
@BeatMaker80 I liked where the beat was heading with the transitions but I think the drums need work and I wasn't very fond of the melody.
@Copyno Dope track, I love that kick!!
@artisanaljuice yours is good also except I couldn't vibe with the drums. But way to experiment though.
Your right about the kick, just listen to it in my car, it could use a little more punch, thanks homie, but I'm keeping the melody though it fits the concept of the song I got for it, appreciate the feed✌
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