Showcase - August 19-25, 2019

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Marc Duncan- I think this is nice Bro. It sounds like good riding music. I would work on the eq a tad but thats just me. Good work

Seratos- dopeness...loving the drums and effects. track is well put together. no complaints whatsoever...

MiltManMusic- nice intro...drums, synths...change ups is dope also. good work

Matt D- the lyrics fall right on point with the offbeat till the end. Realistically, I don't think anyone could catch the cadence to this beat though.
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Wuz up! Blessed for another week to be here.
@Marc Duncan I like that peaceful vibe you got going.
@skidflow I didn't really feel this one as an instrumental, but it could be one that sounds better as a full song because some beats are like that.
@Seratos I'm not good at feedback with these type of beats cause I'm not into that style. But you do have some cool sounds.
@MiltManMusic Nice One!! I love that synth bass and lead synths.


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@TiSzY Thanks Bro! I like your beat it sounds like your heading toward the right direction. As far as sample choices, for me, I like picking samples that I actually feel and not overcrowded. Not saying this is the only way because everyone is different. But trust me the more you sample the better your ear will become, and you'll get that instinct on what works for you and the way you like things done. I'm still improving but bruh I sucked very bad in the beginning lol!
@skidflow thanks for the feedback. I listened to it didn't sound off. As far as the offbeat thing goes I spoke with a very advanced drummer about this style and he explained it's not off it's drumming in a different meter, but as long as the snare is on that's what counts, the hats you can shift some for a different less stiff groove so it doesn't sound robotic and computer made. I think Black Milk discusses this in one of his earlier beatmaking videos if you want to check that out it's worth it.
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