Showcase - August 6-12, 2018

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Beat This Competition

Damian murray

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my Ilok is dented to so i cant convert them to MP3 format even tho i could export from one DAW to Logic pro to get the MP3 but for now i would love to get some feed back to help me gage where i am thus far


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Sup World, First time doing this but here we go.

@.calm - I would add more in the beginning, the beat towards the end was fire though. Extend it though I want to listen to the rest of it, because it's no way that beat is finished.

@Matt-D - The remix with Bruno Mars sounds awesome. To me the melody is perfect no question there. I wouldn't have the drums up so high though other than that I'ma put this on my playlist lmao. I couldn't vibe with the Marvin Gaye remix that well. The beat was smooth, I could see what you were going for, but the vocals spoiled it for me. Keep it up though.

@44Beatzz - I'm feeling this old school vibe, I can see someone laying vocals on this. I would add something to the melody towards the end just to zest everything else and keep it from sounding like a loop. Other than that great job.

@csbr - Damn. lol. Honestly, I don't listen to music like this that often, but I love the tribal buildup, everything sounds exotic. Sounds that I don't hear everyday...Interesting. The comments on there had me laughing.

@Alejandro - Everything is moving so fast. I would slow it down a bit, add some small percussion to go along with the kicks and snares, and lower the bass a bit. I'm getting a dark vibe from this. Kinda. I would add more to the melody to solidify the vibe so the rapper can get a feel for what he about to spit.

@crosstevsky - Bro Wild Cat had me bobbing my head and everything, good stuff. Sounds close to an 8-bit song, not completely 8-bit, some instruments gave me that old school video game feel. The rhodes were smooth oooh. Broomstick was very smooth. It's simple, I like that. Nice showcase bro!

@DEEZ BEATZ - This is sick! NASTY!

@wilizm - This beat is sick also. If there is a way to get this onto a move powerful DAW you could add more effects to it. and vocals. When you do hit me up because I need to hear it lmao.

@Unknown - I would add some bass slides switch up, but this beat is great the way it is.

@Damian murray - I would change the kicks, and the snares, the melody is great I was feeling the vibe on this. Nice work bro.

As for me, I made this one a while back I'm in need for some feedback. Thanks guys


@producervibes very well mixed, digging it.

@Damian murray you've got some cool melodies and sounds in there, but the mix needs work. The drums feel kind of dead and low in the mix, and also kind of basic. I don't feel much from the drums.

@Joey Phillips I like the sound in ChillVibez, though i do think the mix needs work. I feel like it has potential it just feels like its missing something.
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