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@Chad i think it is a good beat. good drums and nice build up, the only thing i would say that needs to be changed is some of the sounds you used imo. other than that nice.


Drago Zetić

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@Chad I think you should put less emphasis on the bassline and make the main synths louder. The drums fit well. Maybe ease off the detuning on that one instrument.

@Matt-D Don't really care about the vocals (I'm just a bit surprised you got a hold of a Chris Brown a cappella), but this beat fits really well, love the way you put the chords together. The drum pattern switch up got me a bit confused at first, but it works fine. Overall, it's a lovely and polished piece.

I reused my entry from a few competitions ago and mixed it with a fine mafioso rap number, check it out.

YouTube mirror if you think SoundCloud degraded the quality too much:
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Hey everyone, haven't been here in a while I've been busy with some other stuff. However, I got this one to share, mainly just to showcase it and get those play counts up. I'm really happy with the outcome, check it out if you have the chance:

@Drago Zetić that beat is dope, I'm over here bobbin my shit like a madman xD. Also nice choice with the acapella, it fits the beat that you beat in almost every aspect.

@Matt-D the hats at the beginning are too noticeable, maybe lower the volume or change them. They're taking away from the vocals and when you take them off everything sounds cleared and more cohesive. Like Drago, I was a bit shook off by the drum change and I'm not a big fan of it. However some minor adjustments should make everything sound better together.


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sup everyone...its shitty outside in virginia today, i got a cold and dont really want to be at work today but fuck it...i got a beat i want to share...but first let me give some feedback

@Chad very video game sounding i like that but as far as the beat i think the melody is kind of all over the place and the drums are alright....not really blown away with this beat tbh dog but i know you can put in work and come up with somehting better

@Matt-D ill make comments off the remix altogether not just the instrumental...everything sounds cool and i like that buildup at around 1:00 with the drums knocking...this has a lo fi kind of vibe so im diggining this for real...nice touch mixing the vocals at around 1:45...that really broke the monatiny of the track so good call, i was able to listen to this whole thing and was pretty entertained...nice remix dog

@producervibes this is professionally done...i can tell, your new to the site but not new to the beat game oh no sir you are a veteran i can tell lol...i have a way of hearing a beat and being able to tell a producers skill set cuz im a fucking wierdo like that...anyway this beat was done to perefection, boom bap lives forever!

@Drago Zetić this beat sounds 1000 times better with chino xl and kool g rap ripping this lol...this actually sound like some real shit they put out on an album dog this came out super fucking dope...much anyone reading this...this is how to make a remix!!! take notes this all came together like butt cheeks lol

@Rodas never heard of you fam, always nice to hear new shit...nice to meet ya, this track is cool and smooth, nice ass lofi beat i love it i feel like im in a tribe called wuest video lol

heres my beat...peace out

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>

Drago Zetić

Making samples and FL Studio sing.
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@Rodas It's always nice to hear a full rap track built upon a beat. The lo-fi vibe came out very nicely and not contrived like some such tracks tend to do on SoundCloud - well done flip. The only suggestion I'd make is to put a bit of reverb on the snare, but the beat is already fine.

@dBtheProducer Not really feeling it - your layers contribute to the track well, but I'm not into the source material and don't think it fits well into a hip hop beat. That being said, I appreciate you doing these video game beats, that's a rich and underrated source for inspiration.

Lil Codone

Tried posting before but I guess I missed the deadline. Been lurkin on these forums for a while now figure its time to become apart of the community! Heres my beat :


@Chad not really a fan of melody, but vibe is great tho, and maybe could drums be turned downa bit

@producervibes love it, as said before really professionally done beat, keep up the good work!

@dBtheProducer not my kind of beat, but i appreciate the great job that you done making it, sounds smooth and really well built, the sounds also goes well with each other, so keep doing what are you doing!

@Lil Codone not really a fan of the melody that starts around 0:35 and that screams, but that is just my preference, drums done well, but as i said melody kind a seems a bit annoying to me, but nevertheless keep doing your thing and do what you like :)

Here is my newest beat, check it out and leave a feedback if you can :)

Lil Soup

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Hey everybody, first time here. You guys have posted a lot of dope shit, my favorite so far has to Rodas` lo-fi xylophone thing. Definitely brings me back to `98!

And Drago, Chino XL is not for everybody, including me, but I like what you did there.

I`ve got this beat on Airbit that I really like (do you guys frown on these links? haven`t gotten around to get me a soundcloud yet, I`m old...) I`ll be very impressed if anyone can figure out what the sample is.
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