Showcase - January 27-February 2, 2020

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Tropic was nice Marc, Tjomba, nice but sounded like a helluva intro and was waiting for the bass to drop out of it. It sounds good though.

And Hyperman.... I am in love with that beat man... OUTSTANDING!!!

Here is one I have been messing with for a couple days, feedback appreciated. Its my first post, first time showing anyone anything I have done so I would like brutal honesty.

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@Marc Duncan I'm liking that first one 'tropic' the clap, snaps and snare work well! Had my head bopping all the way through. Keep it up :)
Here's something I just finished today

Listen to Petroleum by Hyperman Beatz on #SoundCloud
It sounds very cool!
Good quality!
I really like the aggressive sound. Well done!


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@Marc Duncan : I like the sub kick/ 808 that you have on the Tropic beat. It adds a lot of character to the track. I also think that the arrangement and effects are solid. On Jet Plane I really like the synth programming and the structure of the beat. It’s a good mix too, good job.
@Hypermanbeatz : I like the use of voices in this beat. I thought that the drums masked the voices just a little but overall it’s a good beat.
@Matt-D : I think the beat for Freaky Friday matches with Chris row’s vocals really well. No complaints here. I like the beat for the Hailee Steinfield song too but I thought that one of the synths in the chorus was a little too detuned for the vocal melody.
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY : I really like this beat, smooth guitar riff and great sounding synth and melody. Good job!

Here is my beat:


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whats u illmuzik fam
big changes happening to my life
2020 vision is looking good i will be moving to Texas soon and hopefully will be in a much better situation in life and also with my beat sales
anyone in texas looking to collab or smoke some dank ass weed should hit me up :D

i got some new beats to share, first ill check your shit out first

@Marc Duncan this has a dope vibe and im happy this started the way it did instead of having a huge long intro it just gets right into it, some might have there opinions on this shit but that distorted 808 sounds fucking dope i could see someone lyrical as fuck ripping this to shreds...great job like always

2nd beat reminds me of some video game type shit but so far i like what im hearing, very meek mill appealing atleast thats who i thought of, meek and wiz khalifa collabo type beat, love the song structure set in place everything sounds like a track ready beat for what i ca hear, not really my style but it has alot of catchy points so it is very entertaining to listen not hard to please so i like all the shit i heard bro good work

@Hypermanbeatz with a name like that im expecting to be lit!....very interesting choice in sounds but i like what i hear so far, this shit is definetly hyped up, petroleum makes me think of weed and this def sound like some shit you coud spit about some weed shit lol...its simple but sometimes the simple ones be the most fire, i like this mostly cuz nothing is overly done and theres plenty of space in the beat for someone to rip this with some fire bars...i like this man good job

@TjombaBeats this comes across as an expiremental beat, i wouldve loved for it to be at a faster tempo, cuz its a little hard to rap to but this feels more dub step- ish where in that genre this would fit right into, im not absolutely in love with this beat but i think its dope with all the sounds and shit you chose to use...very unique and something to chill to and shit...not so much something i would write any bars to but this was a fun listen

@Matt-D checking out the first beat, remixing freaky friday, not an easy task, this was a great attempt cuz i hear the bassline going right with the rhythym of the song, but im not really feeling this beat as an overall track, i wouldve gone and built it up to a dope reggaeton beat at some point with some transitions and dj shit but i do like the bass to this shit...not bad

2nd joint not sure who it is you remixed but ill give my honest opinion, .... wow this is like 10x better so far as what i was expecting the first joint to be...waiting for changes to the beat, the dance drums and horns are a nice touch cuz it makes this into a club kick and bass track but i wouldve went with a build up of some kind and a big bass drop to really make this shit pop...your good at remixes man, if you spent some time looking some dj transitions and tendencies you have the possibility of making some real bangers!

@Pappas Beats hustle and flow was the first thing i thought of when i hear those hi hats...i gotta say i wasnt expecting much with the intro but when the beat drops i was actually kinda suprised i wasnt expecting bit of advise get rid of the vocals and work on elevating your melody game, youll have some serious fire coming out your studio...not y favorite but keep up the good work

@8ight33n thats a dope username that loffi vibe down with this one...i like lofi beats but its just something i dont really make or understand myself, but this has got classic lofi vibes thats really popular on instagram and shit right now...i hear nothing wrong bro i like this its just not something i can comment too much on but it sounds great

@WIKTO-GRIZZLY nice video editing...dope transitions leading to the beat drop...this was very entertaining to watch man and you obviously got some musical talent being able to play multiple instruments in your beats...i admire that very much! no negetive comments this was relaxing as fuck to listen to and i like your style!

@Chad uh oh, uh oh, thats what i hear in the begining in my head lol...dam this sound something like something that wouldve came out of the ASAP click, rocky, ferg, etc...sample choice was dope but how you chose to chop it up made this sound even more lit...this can be a banger with the right artist cuz this shit some fucking fire...its always the simple ones that get me :D this has mad swag i like it alot im an east coast guy so i hear like asap ferg featuring camron on this shit lol

i have 2 beats ive made recently, no samples all made with FL Studio, please let me know what yall think

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>


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@Marc Duncan 1st one. that sample is great and was pretty cool with thats snaps, but when the 808 was about to drop it was kinda weird. hope you get that fixed with some regular kicks and a clear base line. 2nd may its good but kinda to poppy, but the drums are really good. would turn down the sample and increase drums.

@TjombaBeats i would try to down the volume of that great sample. anyways its really dark and good. reminds me to somekind of fight music lol

@Matt-D this is great bro, but that snare some reverb please. love it antways
2nd one is GREAT. mixdown sounds clear. good job

@Pappas Beats even if dont like trap in generous, its very good and the vocals fit perfect good job

@8ight33n sample is really good. but try to eq-out some muddiness. anyways good job

@WIKTO-GRIZZLY GREAT JOB! those rodes pretty nice

@Chad really crazy beat, migos type maybe?

@dBtheProducer 1st one really nice. can imagine LIL jon 2nd is also good but the bells are to loud i think
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