Showcase - July 13-29, 2020

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Memento Beats

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Here is my most recent post. Let me know what you think.

Decent trap beat. :D It's very simple in terms of the composition and the arrangement but it's good as it leaves a lot of space for a rapper. I like it. One thing that I didn't like was that hihats was panned to the left and right in too extreme way for me. I would leave them panned to the left and right but reduce the amount of panning. Other than that it's a good beat. :)


Mister Miyagi Beats
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This goes really hard man. Sounds a bit like dubstep. I'm not sure if I am hearing wring but I think there's a kick in this that's out of beat.
Yeah man same vibe here kinda dubstepish.. But yeah rap can be mixed for example this rap group it's dutch clip is all about drugs but they rap about the bad sides of drugs. The beat where they rap on is dubstepish. But thanks for the info ill check the project for the wrong kick. Thanks yoo.



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god damn people brought some fire to the showcase this time

@The Thrillz first off its very well mixed, i like the understated 808 (that is to say not distorted to hell ) nice layering of multiple melodies and i like the vocal cut that comes in every 8th . hmm just really solid work has a very futureistic tech vibey style i can digg it :D

@Matt-D i have never heard the original so i'm assuming most of the intrumentation is yours, like the sway in the bass when it comes in (did you use eq for this or comp ? or is it jus the kick ?) nice fills and licks on the electronic keyboard great tone also, good layering of the different synths, always enjoy a good sax/oboe when its not overdone like here, like the delay on the hats and good use of percusive elements to spice it up. has a real chill vibe to it enjoyed it a lot its real high level stuff

@TjombaBeats this is hard af, instant head sway from me atleast sounds like battle music from a game or trailer, really like how the kick sometimes hits slightly delayed right before the next one gives the whole thing lots of groove, the synth playing the main progression has a real dirty sound to it like that, can also tell you automated the hell out of filters and other effects gives it a avery dynamic feeling. top quality work my man

@Memento Beats haha another fine looking woman on this one, the bells melody is real catchy, this is a little more subdued than your usual style i like the somewhat arabic sounding flute that comes in. hats are ofc dope your a friggin mathematician with em. bass is simple but drives the beat nicley. well mixed levels sound good just a straight chilled beat i was waiting for your signature synth to just blow my ears off when i first started listening hahahah

@K9 TheRoyal Spades this is good, love to hear that the 808 is in tune, nice layering and really like the synth ? that acts like a riser (could juist be a regular riser haha) thats real cool, i would maybe choose a different snare or do something else with it ( reverb filter etc ) works fine as it is just my own preferance. like that you spaced out the vocal chops, hats are cool good work my dude

@Khaly Beatz its decent, i think you should switch up the clap or add some reverb/compression or layer it it just sounds a little weak as is . its simple beat but works well your bass sounds way better clean imho, like that you layered a guitar sound over the main melody in places, adds some dynamics like @Memento Beats said panned hats are a cool effect but they can be overdone though cant say it bothered me that much. keep making stuff man this is solid work ;)

@OGBama this is the same track as last time no ? already gave feedback on it i think


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Yes @Crispifier but I posted again for those like @Bugsy and anyone else who missed it 1st time around.


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@Khaly Beatz everything sounds good on my end, it just sounds like it's missing something, like one sound could added but that's just my thought. Still Dope.
@Crispifier thanks! Yes I played all instruments I have been trying to improve in that area lol! You should definetely check the original it's produced by The Neptunes. It was a big song back when I was in high school.
@OGBama You definetely have the voice for it, lyrics were good as well. Another great thing is you can understand every word clearly which is a must, the only thing I would say is on some punchlines it felt like it didn't hit right, like if you said it differently and changed your vocal pattern with more feeling into it with certain words it would have hit harder. Nice Work!! You got me wanting to pick back up the mic.


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@OGBama Nice! The flow could be a tad bit tighter but what's really good is your voice. It works really well with that beat. Too often I hear someone just rapping over a beat but their voice doesn't actually go with the music. One thing that rappers should remember is that your voice is like an instrument. It's another layer on top of the music. As long as you remember that, you should be good to go.

Memento Beats

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New one :D

I've just set my account on Beatstarts so if you also have an account there I would be glad if you could follow me.

Same with my YouTube channel.

I'll follow you back. :D


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Yo @Fade I appreciate the honest critique and as someone who still feels Hip Hop but doesn't mess w/the new guard of (c)rappers, I try to be cognizant of the fact that the voice is an instrument (in that regard, I also like singing - not that Auto Tune BS, but for now and as long as I live, I'm consciously laser focused on the rapper in me) and I have an aversion to genericness, hence why I want(ed) to make a good first impression w/my track.

I sat on that instrumental since December 2019 and went through Hell just to legally get it regarding how.


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Thanks @Matt-D and I'm big on enunciation and the 1# rule of rapping (imo) is it must be the voice, followed by lyricism. My aim is to not be the stereotypical (c)rapper as music is a form of communication.
Here is my most recent post. Let me know what you think.

The vibe is dope fam. I would pull the hi hats in and out a bit more. Those Lil Skies types have a great vibe.
tried something different hopefully it worked lol!

Dope man, never head king sampled like that / at all. I think it's cool being timely with the sound seeing as all that's going on.
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