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@shocro Interesting beat, quite unusual, well mixed. The only "so-so" thing for me was these bells, quite sharp on ears.

@Alejandro cool beat, like that. I think snare could've been softer, more spacious, that's what I usually hear on West Coast type of beats, but it's a matter of taste.

Here is my track, rock type of beat, simple - few guitars and drums. Any feedback appreciated.
Well, ok, lol, this was different, but before i begin, i will say diff in a good way, no worries lol...First 17 secs, wut id call the 'kinda intro' lol, not bad, but something that gets me used to the melody or a melody of some sort, then kinda develops into louder and more mixed middle and ends etc with sounds n samples surrounding the melody that catches ones ear...and lemme tell you, at first, i was like eh, this is ok, kinda tedious, but pretty dope, kinda somber, if it were a stuffed animal itd be Eyore from winnie the pooh lmfao...But then, it kept goin, with wut id guessed, more sounds etc throughout, but that somber melody bouncing around the beat with consistency never losing a beat or step, never sounding off, lol, very addicting actually...So easy to flow to, the bpm was so perfect with the tone and atmosphere...Now as far as cons, or critiques, id say somehow change it up even funkier, each 2nd or 4th 4-note groupings could be more distinctive with even the littlest of differences within the mixes-just make a sample unique to bend it to your will ;) lol I used to copy, paste, clone etc, now i just make wutever sample/piano roll piece i come to while mixing unique if i think itll sound better or more rememberable with a difference within it..Even the tiniest bit of piano or violin, or vocal etc in the background could completely change a beat from being like a 5 or 6, to an 8-10! Its all about the earworm! Its good to have 'catchy tune' always on the mind, but catchy and earworm inducing are two separate categories lol..Catchy is good but not great-good at the time but not era lasting; catchy is 'MMM Bop' from the Hansons! lmfao 90's one hit wonders...possibly havent heard of em actually lol, but legendary is something beyond catchy, its an earworm...For days, it can live within your mind, especially when theres anything around you that reminds of you of it; it sticks in back of your brain for hours, days, weeks even...something like 'Ambitionz of a Rider', or beat wise, 'Requiem for a Dream' or more recently, GoT Theme, or Westworld Theme by Ramin Djawadi...And even the simplest drum&bass beat loop can become the greatest beat simply by mixing it with atleast one other sound in a very catchy way. :) I think this had potential to be a great beat, but in the end, as addicting and catchy as it is, there isnt enough popping out or going on for me to immediately wanna listen again...All in all, good job though! :) I do like it, thumbs up, keep producing! :)
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@ArvinArmani I like some of the stuff you're doing with the melody, though I do feel there's alot going on melodically at some points. I think you would benefit utilizing silence a bit, or maybe balancing the mix out as the lead feels overpowering.

@K.D.R. I'm digging the vibe, though i'm not a huge fan of the bassline. Just personal preference, I think your note choice could be better.

@shocro Solid track other than the bells being kind of piercing. Cool to hear that kind of music on here.


The melody sounds great! Would you be open minded to change the hi hats to ones that sound a little snappier? Or maybe test out others until one stands out? Are your hi hats 1/6th or 1/4th? Slow them down a bit. Other than that, the sound of the melody gets me in the mood for suspense!


This is the last beat I made for my instrumental album "Art of Motion". I'm making beats only from the last year so I'm not an expert. Every opinion is welcome.
I’m going to be honest. Your beat is off, the melody repeats over and over with no transitions, your snare is too loud. Stick to your kicks on 1 and 3, and snares on 2 and 4. After you have mastered your drums, then you are more than welcome to add kicks and snares where you want. Learn the basics of music theory. Just knowing the basics will help tremendously. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.


Let's check this, it's my new beat. I'm just starting making beats : give me advices to help me to get better


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So, thought id share my latest beat with yall.
But before doing that I listened to the beats posted on this thread.
My feedback is based on listening to it once or twice, so don't take it too heart.

@Drago Zetić - Love how you put all these samples together the best part is how consistent you are with your sound although the low end is a bit much for me.
@DEEZ BEATZ - I'm guessing this was all from VTS's? It's very well composed. I would low pass the melodies and let that bassline be at the front or just lower the volume like you said.
@Kinematic - This is RAW! Love the sample! Id take that melody out and replace it with a thumping bass line
@C4NTK33P5T1LL - DAYUM!, lemme get at those sound packs!
@Necrosix - Dope tape! You might need to get it mixed better tho. It's mixed too loud that you barely see the waveforms. but dope nonetheless
@Alejandro - Good mix! You are on the right path, try a bit more experimenting next beat?
@shocro - Great sounds, Don't know much about EDM but there's a lot going on on your track.
@K.D.R. - The beat could work like a track if there's more drum or percs playing? otherwise, it would be good for film scoring.
@rjpasin - Dope beat!, Mixed well and really laid out perfectly. Good stuff brother!
@thizzbeatz - This is a good beat, Only thing I would change are the random 808 Bass notes that are off tune.
@Collapse - This is a good beat, just let your sounds breathe. try EQing and Compressing and your set!

Below is a recent beat I made from @sean8877 recording himself.
Props to the guy, He can absolutely play.
I'm currently setting up platforms for my first tape/album so please give that follow button a click to get more of this goodness if you like what you hear!
If you are on other music platforms, search for me there.

Thanks in advance!

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