Showcase - July 22-28, 2019

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This beet needs work...give me some ideas of what it needs

And sum tin a lil different

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Oscar Monk

This beet needs work...give me some ideas of what it needs

And sum tin a lil different

Really digging both of these beats, man. Love the messy chops on the first one. If you ask me all it needs is a rapper. MF Doom style or some shit :cool:. Second one is a VIBE. Sounds like I'm drowning in THC oil aha

Keep it up!


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it's nice but i think u could mix it better, your 808 is fine but the background chords are too loud imo in the first phrase. love the synth on 1:17 really refreshes the beat.

i would appreciate if u guys let me know ur thoughts on these beats i came up with,
every point of view is considerated! :help: :shock:

"UF orever" Loving the drums and bass! Your sound is clean. I envy that. Good stuff!

Vossi Beats

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thanks for ur advices will keep them in mind!

liked it, butat every drop i was expecting a bass or an 808 to kill everything haha, great beat tho, the melody certainly catches me up, i would add some mixin variations like a filter or something to make it more dynamic. keepitup
Thanks for the feedback bruh. I left out the bass part to keep it more "cinnematic". Wanted the overall feel of the beat to be kind of like a trip to hell and back. But i thin you are right tho, the beat wouldn't have been any worse if i had taken the time to add some kind of bassline!

Yo, been producing for a few years but most of it was very inconsistent. just dicking around trying to find secrets on how to get a good sound. It all really changed around last year when i learned more about frequency bands.
i used to look down on sampling but to me most of it is a technical game of how well you can EQ your shit
thanks for the feedback brozay

on yours
very dope idea, reminds me of stuff ive made with dark samples
kick sitting a bit too loud in the mix
snare sitting a bit too quiet in the mix
could use a nice bass which comes in and out at the right times, to pack the mix tighter and tick all the boxes (doesnt need to be an 808)

keep grinding mane
No reason to look down on sampling. Not anyone can do it, and ther's many ways to take a sample and make it your own and you still gotta have your musical skillz in order to do it right :cool:
Thanks for the feedback. To me the level between kick and snare was how i wanted it, but the bass part like @Trunkz also mentioned would have been a nice touch, so i'll most def keep that in mind for next time.

Very nice beat bruh!
The synth arp and the reverb effect you added to the snares and claps gives me goosebumps! "insert fire emoji here" !!!! :biggrin:

Here's what i've been working on for the last week, and also why i had to go away for the weekend and couldn't enter the battle or vote:

DISCLAIMER: It has been cursed by one of my Gypsy friend's Grandma, and the last guy who didn't like it was involved in a deep frying accident and is now hospitalized with 3rd degree burns on 34% of his body :shock:
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