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@producervibes clean mix, awesome drive! that's some good shit! the only thing to me that was a bit off was snare, a bit too harsh, but still good. Keep up good work man!

@Dsensei harsh snares, especially second one, try to compress it more/make it more quiet. Love that EQ fading though. Melody could also be made more stereo, since there is some room for that, imho.

Here is my latest, I haven't spent a lot of time mixing/mastering it, so it is not that clean, but I thought I will focus on putting right notes/patterns in here.


@Collapse , this beat is dope bruh...just bring up the master volume a little...and i have a question are those instruments seperated? because seperation can make your final mix sound a hellava lot your chords should be on it's own track, 808 kick, sub bass, hi hats..etc should seperated and panned...percussions should be panned right or left bass and kick & 808 drums stay know what i mean..but the beat is banging i like the element and atmosphere..dope af
Master volume is was left at zero, so the whole song was left at around -3db to leave room for vocals.

808, kick, snare, hats, piano, synth, etc are all separated. Chords with the piano are one the same, velocity was lowered for the chords to bring down volume.

808, kick, and snare are centered. Hats are panned 25%, same with other sounds at opposite directions.

I’m wondering if there’s something else you hear?

I appreciate the feedback!


@Collapse nice atmospheric piano/synths on this beat, but there something wierd with the melody idk, on the mix side of things, maybe you can harden up the kick, it sounds kinda soft to me.
@csbr Dope beat bro, i like the drop at the begining and nice filters on drums, you can tighten those snare flam rolls, they sound bit sloppy.
@Alejandro I like how the horn sounds on this, but i think is too loud, and I think you can tighten your overall timing on the beat, your two instruments are not in sync with eachother neither with drums.
@DEEZ BEATZ As usual, your music is dope. I like the groovy percussion on this. Maybe you can try more realistic brass section instead of synthetic one...
@dBtheProducer I like how your sample sounds and how you chopped it, crash cymbals are harsh, and that snare sounds kind of low and boomy to me.

I was experimenting with some distorted sounding things, and this is what I came up with. I think it counts as beat...:)
Wow, I like drum sounds! Anyway to lead me to where you found them?

Guitar sounds great in it as well. Too bad your beat wasn’t long enough as I want to hear what else you could add to it!


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Wow, I like drum sounds! Anyway to lead me to where you found them?

Guitar sounds great in it as well. Too bad your beat wasn’t long enough as I want to hear what else you could add to it!
Thanks Collapse, I like to keep my beats short, I expose my ideas and I don't want it to sound to repetitive after that. Drums on this are from Ableton Live 8 Library, samples of acoustic kit. And the guitar is synth actually, it took me a lot of tweaking to sound something like a distorted guitar.

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@csbr beat is fire, would def listen to this. Cool effects, melody is soooolid. A couple of things I would change/add:
- Reduce the volume and punchiness of the snare on the first part and on the bridge/chorus. It sounds too punchy (for me at least) and hurts my ears from time to time. Overall play a little more with the Track Volume.
- I believe the second part can have more left/right panning to free up space and avoid clashing sounds. Might be wrong but this is how I feel.

@Alejandro If I was in your place I would of changed/diversed the main melody, it sounds repetitive. There are times that this could work however in that case the drums, vocals and effects (or whatever you have besides the melody) must be off the chain so that the listener doesn't get bored that easily. Also, from time to time you are off beat (referring to 1:08, 0:49 etc). There are a lot of videos regarding rhythm and patterns, check them out IF needed. I can see that you've used the same exact drum pattern from beginning to end, try playing with it more and add some different drum sounds(crashes, hats with different pitch or whatever to keep the drums attractive and different throughout the whole time.) I am still suffering on my drum patterns and I am around 2 years in the game. Hey, at the end of the day keep your head up high, don't get discouraged, keep grinding and learn every f*cking day. If this is your passion/hobby or something you would like to do for the rest of your life, maaan study the game 24/7 and let the sleep be your biggest enemy! :)

@dBtheProducer Love the beat! Chop samples are solid, I am nodding my head to this very hard so rhythm is nice however you can improve a little your EQ and a lot your volume. Loving the drums and how aggressive they sound, crashes are too loud though and snare is a bit lost. Overall great vibe and track.

I've missed some beats but I will catch up later. Meanwhile, below is my beat showcase, feedback will be appreciated.


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@NONONSENSEBEATS i love the vibe of your "summertime swang" beat.. good job done!
@Dsensei that's good sample, and great rhytm, especially the snare is fckn crazy.. keep up the good work!

I hope there will be few more beats, for me to listen, and give some feedbacks..

This is my latest job done.. Hope you'll like it..
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