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2GooD Productions

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@prodbeto i really think the melody could use a counter melody. I like the kick and pattern, not so much the snare, but thats just me, I like a snappy snare. I think with maybe one or two more layers what sounds missing will no longer sound missing. I wouldnt say change the snare, Im sure it suits the lofi hip hop sound you are going for.

@crudeking Once again not the type of snare id have gone for, but in this case it really works, I like the snare rolls and variation in the snare, it really works. I like the piano loop too. Dope beat stays interesting throughout. The mix could use a bit of work.
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Memento Beats

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@prodbeto I would say that this instrumental would suit some alternative pop song. It's very minimalistic, melody is kinda dreamy. I like it.

@donwhite3 Very cool beat. I like the choice of sounds here. Mix is clear.

@K9 TheRoyal Very interesting ideas there. I think they are unique in their own way. One thing I didn't enjoy was the fact that they all sounded kinda subdued. I don't know whether it was the sound you were going for but this way tracks loose their power in my opinion. But on the other hand it may also be perceived as an element of this style. As I mentioned before interesting music. :)



@Bangboss dope beat. I think the drum pattern could use some variation, especially at the end of each 8 or 16 bars. Has a nice dark vibe to it.

@Matt-D i think this could really use a bassline, and the hi hat panned all the way right is a big extreme imo. Other than that, its smooth as hell.

On Kung Flu, you need to treat the vocal samples more, they sound too clean, but i like the sample itself!
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@2GooD Productions Nice boombap, a little too commercial of a vibe? for me maybe... but as always clean mix and and nicely done
@Memento Beats I like it, the stab is nice and I like the slower tempo, not your typical memento stuff lol. The bass is nice and clean. Nice vibe bro.
@silentsagemedia Nice beat, a little repetitive, needs something to mix it up a bit, maybe a bass-line? Or a breakdown? Otherwise clean mix I think.
@slimegreenbeats dig the beat, I would have liked the main melody to have dropped down to a lowered sound or something, like a pizzicato or such if not a break in the melody, got a bit monotonous, Beat was on and mix sounded good.

Heres something I have had for a minute that I came back to to put finishing touches on it...

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@KZA That first beat is fire mang, feelin it, second one ... same thing. Nice beats, got nothing to say really. melody and all was on point to me.


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@Dzhi Beats thank you very much for your feedback. im really in love with sade. i thinks she had a lot of good stuff to sample. i just flipped another sample "Atlanta" u gotta check it. with the bass ure totally right, its a bit to thin.

@Crispifier yeah, thank you bro. well, the bass was to "dead" i think. i need to get a subwoofer to my rokits

@Matt-D thank you very much. it really took me months to mix it. closed and skipped the project many times lol

@donwhite3 glad to hear dude. thank you very much. aprechiate


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@Marc Duncan the mix is very clear and sound of the samples are good. the 808 is clear.

@Bangboss love it. this beat sounds so dirty and reminds me a little to Timbo producing for TI. i also thought on 24s from TI. good job dude

@Crispifier this has a very chilled and dreamy vibe. that base in the background is dope. i'd mix the drums a little louder bro

@Dzhi Beats good job. love those strings. got some lofi vibes with th synths. hats are great the got some crazy effects. well done. i'd do a bit less reverb on the drums. but just my taste i guess

@Memento Beats this beat is a banger. it goes hard and there is nothing to add or improove. good job bro. i also subbed you on youtube

@prodbeto its good, its completely different vibe and i think there are some artists grind on it. keep going

@donwhite3 this beat is really good. the base is sick and the synths are dope. drums pretty nice mixed too. good job dude


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I will write the reviews later. This working here makes me crazy

Realy like this bro. The sample is great, and the drums fit perfectly! well done!

Let me know what you guys think of my latest upload. Thanks.
Very well balanced, nice mood, every single detail fits so good, you mix like a pro! nice job

There it is my last post in my youtube chanel, hope you guys enjoy it

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