Showcase - June 8-14, 2020

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Ok, so hear is my most recent beat cook up. It's a trap beat. Let me know what you think

the good : very impressed by the drums on this one the hats you trap guys do are always so elaborate.. good atmosphere nicley mixed (i think) nice layering and use of atonal melodies

the not so good: not much! though i think the main piano progression might need some work

things to improve: if there is one thing i consider myself decent at it's melody , i would reccomend alternating the last note on the main chord progression (high then low then high again) this would not change the beat much but would make the melody a little more interesting it suits the beat nicley the way it's done i just think it gets a little stale as an instrumental w/o a rapper or extra melodic elements mixed in

to sum up: good work my man ! drums especially are well done


so i currently have one working ear so i cant be too elaborate with my review of this i'll just say i think it's dope ! i like the subtle vocal inserts really brings the whole track together, cool melody and nice comp. Stellar work my man!

@slimegreenbeats i see you dude i have trouble hearing atm so take this with a grain of salt but it seems your high end is a little intense ? nice composition, good melody and layering of ambients very creative and unusual beat. think you could add more to the lower end or use filters eq to make it sound more balanced. all in all good work i enjoyed this
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