Showcase - March 11-17, 2019

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@tommetass i like the vibes from the beat but dont like the snare, maybe add some reverb to it

@BISHOPbenz. Damn! this is really dope, like the in your face sax and the mixing is also well done, no criticism here

@MickMain love the melody but the drums dont really feel oldschool boom bapish to me, try layering some old acoustic vinyl drums over it and delay the kick and snare so it feels more like played on a mpc.

@Dahmi Mortals beat 1, nice sample choice, i would put more reverb on the snare to have more impact in the beat
beat2, i like the video, good choice here, no criticism for the beat
beat3, i like the merge between old school old some futuristic shit, well executed
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